Senator Clinton – How Do You Stand On Free Trade And The Loss Of American Jobs?

I can never understand the violent hatred that Senator Hillary Clinton arouses in some conservatives. Hell I would barely call her a liberal. As you know she has declared herself a candidate. For those of you who don’t remember when her hubby was President, we had a thing back then called a “budget surplus”! Now with George Bush and his “Glorious Crusade To Destroy Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction” the only thing that got destroyed were our service men and woman’s lives along with the Clinton budget surplus!

My only problem with Senator Clinton is not that she was for the war originally, as I too got duped into believing the war was to fight WMD! My “potential” issue with her is the issue of so called “free trade”! A fast google of her revealed a mixed result. That still does not bother me as much as how she stands on the issue today! Again I was for the Iraqi War originally and I still believe the War in Afghanistan is correct. But then so does Senator Clinton.

What we have to examine is her current stance on the outsourcing of American jobs and the American Dream to cheap foreign labor. Also what is her present stand on the H1B Visa program that has destroyed the job market for the technology industry. What good is education if we allow government intervention in the job market to destroy the security of the labor force? All for the benefit of those effete snobs of corporate America who shed their identity as Americans to preach “globalization”!

Senator Clinton has a good track record in terms of universal health care! The cost of individual health care insurance is beyond the reach of most Americans. Even those who can afford it are then at wits end when facing an economic slump in the economy.

Freedom is more than just the ability to vote. It is the ability to CHANGE JOBS without fear of the loss of health care insurance! Also to know that your hard work will give you some job security in a changing world. Without that we are at the mercy of the “Corporate Collectivists”. These effete snobs of corporate America, who preach free market, have no problem with government intervention to manipulate the market to lower the wages of middle class Americans. They have substituted so-called “free” trade for “fair” trade!

These “corporate collectivistis” have:

  • Outsourced American jobs to cheap foreign labor. Many work even under slave like conditions in third world nations and communist China. Ah yes capitalism and communism together! All for the betrayal of the rights of humanity to a better life!
  • Imported under the H1b guest worker visa program more low wage foreign workers for the technology industry then there are even jobs!
  • Allowed our borders to be wide open to lower the wages of meat packers, construction workers, farm workers and a host of others. Note I am not against giving amnesty if we first lock shut our borders. We must exercise our sovereignty as a nation. It is bigotry to demand that some can be excused from our laws while others must wait to enter our country.

Senator Clinton will you protect American Jobs? That is the issue!