Senator Elizabeth Warren Calls Out CUT AND RUN Corporations

I am an unapologetic Social Democrat to the left of Barrack Obama. I applaud Senator Elizabeth Warren‘s recent attack (see video below) on these CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS who have no loyalty to the nation that gave them birth, protection, incorporation and profits!

I urge Progressives to utilize the rhetorical devices of the right wing to argue Progressive counter points thus instilling cognitive dissonance. My regular readers will note my sarcastic humor at the right wing by this method. Stop being ashamed of upping the rhetoric. Our nation is at stake.

That is why I wish we had Senator Elizabeth Warren or Senator Bernie Sanders as our current president.


In the video above she calls out the Republicans using their own rhetoric. Note her use of the term “free loaders” in the video above. My only disagreement with her is that the corporations can leave but their wealth should remain in the nation that allowed it to be built. It is a function of our social contract called “America”! Thus it should stay here while they leave! Good reddens!

Note the difference between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders on one side versus Barrack Obama on the other side. Obama whines that the GOP House doesn’t get things done!

The problem is President Obama preferred to be a Carl Rogers style “facilitator” rather than a “pontifex maximus” in his first term. The issue is not how to best balance the budget and have a humane austerity. The issue is how to separate corporation and state.

When Americans (or anyone for that matter) is in economic pain they want ACTION FIGURES. Yes they will even chose “action figures” who act against their own self interest. Americans will act against their own self interest but not against their own  “self conception”! We conceive of ourselves as ACTION FIGURES! That is why we lost the Hosue in 2010. The Tea Party took the rage Americans felt against bailing out the banks and claimed it as their own.

We thought we had that with the motto  of “Change We Can Believe In”.

Instead we had:

  • A weak stimulus when we had control of Congress.
  • No banksters were prosecuted.
  • Obama chose to “turn the page” on the vampire squids and the faulty intelligence that got us into Iraq.
  • No arm twisting to get the fast registration of new union members. Instead years latter all Obama did was send a 140 character last minute tweet of support to Wisconsin unions under siege. But Obama is for “fast track” when it comes to TPP! Oh yes “Change We Can Believe In”! Yes it hurts to realize this about Obama. But we must face the fact that he is not a real Progressive.

Era Of Licentious Permissiveness For CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS

Let’s use the rhetoric of the right to make our points! I am not simply being humorous but trying to demonstrate how we can induce cognitive dissonance.

If you use it I would not over use it as I am in this post to make a demonstration.  

Note the italics below in the rest of this article!

We live in an era of licentious permissiveness where the bleeding hearts in the Republican Party enable the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS to flee America and their responsibility to the nation that gave them birth while they pursue their profits.

While the Republicans call for a military buildup to counter the rising threat from China these very same “bleeding hearts” act as the “enablers” of the cut and run capitalists as they ship our jobs, technology and wealth to China! All while they  sing their new Wall Street Anthem: “The Globalization Internationale” with their new found friends the Chinese Communists.

Back at home America is “growing soft“! We live in an era similar to the death of the Roman Empire from interior decay. We have a “culture of dependency“! This is so bad that this dependency stops people from doing their job and instead catering to their dependency!

I am talking about the Congress of the United States of America. They have such a “dependency” on corporate money that huge chunks of their time is spent fund raising from big money donors. This even effects the Democratic Party. Many play “make believe liberal” inside the confines of the corporate sandbox of their donors. They will act as liberals but only up to the boundaries set by their big money donors!

Make no mistake about it my fellow Americans our nation is “growing soft“! 

Doubt me? Just look at this rise of  “unnatural marriage” in our nation that is a sin against nature’s God! When a society goes against nature’s God it is ripe for decay and decline!  In this modern era new forms of life are being created that our not made in our creator’s image!

No I am not talking about stem cell research. What I am talking about is the creation of “new persons” that are not made in the image of God! That is to say “Corporations”!

We live in an era of unprecedented decadence where unnatural marriage is celebrated and made the norm!

  • What is this decadence?
  • What is this unnatural marriage that is a sin against the “image of God”?


It is the marriage of “corporation and state”!

The virus of CORPORATE COLLECTIVISM is reproducing itself by stealing the life force of it’s host. That is to say the political institutions of our democracy! A virus cannot reproduce on it’s own it must rob the host of it’s own perpetuation mechanism! This virus is reshaping our political life and even our environment while it holds “captive” the decision making apparatus of our society! That is to say our “government” via organized money!

With this perversion of God’s law, “Be fruitful and multiply” this Godless form of “Personhood”, not made in the Creator’s image, is taking “dominion” over our democracy! This virus is also taking dominion over our earth through corporate sponsored climate change. Global warming would occur due to population increases but corporate influence over government is preventing remedies and making it worse! All in the name of “mammon” with their prophet Ann Rand!

Yes I am with sarcastic paradoxical humor using the rhetorical devices of the right wing to make a point!

But for a moment let us be serious. This will bring about a decay of our society. If we define our society  as a DEMOCRACY!

We are witnessing the loss of “individual freedom to the collective“! The “collective” is not the government as Ann Rand would say.  It is the corporation! We are slowly being made into a nation of “necessitous citizens” via organized money induced political change!

We have witnessed the building of a nation of necessitous citizens via:

  • Regulatory change to permit off shoring.
  • Attacks on the voting rights of Americans of color.
  • Banksters using our economy as a gambling casino then being bailed out!
  • Even Obama pushing for fast track of TPP (NAFTA on steroids).

As President Franklin Roosevelt warned us:

“A necessitous person is not a free person! “

Our democracy is in a state of decay.

But it is not from Gay Marriage. It is from the marriage of corporation and state. We need to get corporations out of politics!

We need Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in 2016!