Senator Ted Cruz To Obama: Insult Me To My Face

One day a white supremacist, a Canadian and a Cuban come into the bar. What does the bartender say?

“Why hello Senator Cruz!”

Senator Cruz has challenged President Obama to a debate and has dared the President to insult him to his face instead of making speeches overseas attacking him. See the short video below.


Wow, Senator Cruz is mad because he got insulted. For years, he was a part of the birther movement. Senator Cruz was born in Canada and yes that is by his admission.


Can he run for President if he was born abroad and holds Canadian citizenship?

The answer is yes.

The constitution does not require you to be native born but a natural born American.

What heck is the difference you ask?

If just one of your parents is American, or you were born here then you are a “natural born American” and do not need to be “naturalized“.

Thus, both Barrack Obama and Ted Cruz are natural born Americans. Barrack Obama was born on American soil to at least one American citizen thus he has two strikes in his favor while Senator Cruz has only one.

What Is Senator Ted Cruz Up To?

There is more going on then meets the eye. Senator Cruz is believed to have Donald Trump’s voters as his target. The belief by many pundits is that eventually Donald Trump will fall, at which time Senator Cruz wants to pick up his supporters and perhaps even Trump endorsement.

Ted Cruz knows:

  1. Donald Trump can hold a grudge and has the testosterone to hurt him.
  2. Barrack Obama, on the other hand, has been waging an almost seven-year celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle and is a TOTAL WIMP. (Yes this is a Progressive saying that).
  3. Thus, Cruz does not want to be the one to attack Trump but instead wisely ops to attack Obama instead since Obama will just say “oh this is silly season in politics”.

Senator Ted Cruz deeply resents ¬†Donald Trump being the GOP rep in the news media. Thus, he wishes to debate President Obama and be the champion of the same issues that Trump advocates. Senator Cruz wants to go back to the good ole days when he was the bad boy of the GOP, but he does not have the guts to take on Trump directly. Instead, he wants to take on Trump’s “role”.

The Republicans Get Away With Lies And We Have Barrack Obama To Thank For That

As a Social Democrat, nothing drives me crazier then to hear the whining Obama-Bots talking that Obama is a victim. Hell, he is a wimp and deserves to be treated as such. Because he chose not to wage psychological warfare in his first two years of office, the term “stimulus” is a bad word in the American lexicon, and while “balanced budget” and “austerity” are positive terms.

Obama walked away from card check and the unions fell. He continued H1-b and white collar jobs went overseas. Now he has given us TPP. Barrack Obama is not

“a Muslim Secular Atheist who hates whites and wants to thus give us European style Socialism!” No instead he is a wimpy corporate shrill from day one! – Get over it and face the facts. Even though Ted Cruz is an idiot I am not backing Obama because he undermined the legacy of FDR and has worked against Progressive values.

Obama Resigned As Pontifex Maximus

The President of the United States may not always get his answers accepted by the American voter, but he can at least have his questions be the issues of the day.

Barrack Obama has chosen¬†to abdicate the role of Pontifex Maximus of the nation. He has advocated the Progressive Agenda with a testosterone free “meow” and I am tired of making excuses for him. We lost both houses of Congress because President Obama would not hammer away the lies of the right wing. Obama would resigned as Pontifex Maximus and he is now reaping his just deserts. The problem is he will use his office to advocate TPP.

Waging Psychological Warfare Is Beyond Obama

The President serves as a national supreme pontiff using the prestige of the Presidency to wage psychological warfare. FDR did it. Nixon did it so well we still believe today in the “myth of a liberal news media” when in fact it is a corporate news media.

Instead all we get from Obama is a pathetic meow! Stop making excuses for him.