Opportunity To Separate Corporation And State

In this article I will propose a constitutional amendment for the separation of corporation and state. Furthermore I believe we have a window of opportunity here to enlist mainstream Republicans. Below John McCain aruges that both political parties are disappearing in the face of Super-PACS

As wacky as the recent Tea Party hissy fit government shutdown was it is also an opportunity for Progressives to push for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state. Many conservative Republican politicians are reeling from threats of a Tea Party primary challenge. These challenges will be funded from outside super-PAC money that is outside the GOP apparatus. The Tea Party wackos are being funded from the outside.

This could undermine the entire Republican Party.

This could be a golden opportunity for progressives to seize the moment and even enlist conservatives to join us in supporting a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state! The GOP establishment would benefit from this as these super-PACS are becoming an independent funding source.

Most members of Congress have to spend half their time raising funds. It is not that they are dishonest. Rather it is just a fact of life. However this leads them open to becoming corporate stooges. This definitely includes both the Republicans and the Democrats. Yes even  Barrack Obama who was the 2008 winner of Goldman Saches PAC. Back then corporations could not make direct contributions to super-PACS now they can.

Some have argued that we need to reduce the amount of campaign spending. I disagree. I think Americans are too God damn stupid. They whine about political ads. I think we need more extensive “infomercials” like independent candidate Ross Perot ran in 1996. Such commercials become more fact filled and level headed rather than the nasty negative ads we are becoming used to. I would like nothing better than to hog tie the average voter and force them to watch hours of infomercials from all sides!

Proposal For The Separation Of Corporation And State

First corporations for the purpose of politics are not people – PERIOD!

If we have an imaginary republic on a small island with 1,000 adult citizens and 50 corporations are formed on this island do we now have a citizenry of 1,050? Nonsense. The members of the corporation are still among the 1,000 adult citizens and should not be counted twice.

But it is worse than that in America.

  1. With my scenario above the 50 rich members would be counted twice. But when corporations can finance Super-PACS then we no longer have a nation of “one person – one vote” but instead a nation of “one dollar – one vote”!
  2. Furthermore who pays for the super-PAC contributions? We do. We are taxed by the corporations without representation. How? Every time you make a purchase of “corporation x’s” goods or services the price of that super-PAC contribution is embedded within that purchase.

Conservatives like to assert that it is merely the stock holder who is paying for that contribution. Nonsense.

Stock holders are as “real” in their commitment to a corporation as a whore is to “love” when performing sex. Yes I must apologize to whores as they do at least try to moan and groan in role playing “delight”.

The average stockholder is only interested in their assertion of an  “entitlement” to a dividend check and/or capital gain.

Stock owners are willing to see genuine entitlement programs like social security and medicare destroyed. They are also willing to have both blue collar and high tech white collar jobs off shored so they can protect their “entitlement” of a dividend check at the expense of an individual employee’s income from a “paycheck“! Stock holders are not even “entrepreneurs!

No I am not against individuals owning stock. It is a necessary evil to soak up productive capital and recycle it. The issue is merely one of priorities.

My Amendment Proposal


We need to create a central campaign fund by taxing large corporations and from a small tax on the buying and selling of stocks.

The tiny tax on the transfer of stocks will “enable” stock holders to form a “relationship” with their company instead of being a mere whore who moans and groans in phony delight due to the trick fee.

Why Is It Important To Tax The Share Holder And Force Them To Stay Longer With The Company?


Every college graduate, like myself,  knows when they make that trip to the corporate personnel office we are supposed to read up on the prospective corporation so we can begin our careers as “corporate whores“!

We have to feint interest in the annual report and have to “make believe” that the share holder’s interests are our own interests!

Corporate recruiters who have degrees in psychology like myself, are trained to “prostitute” their degree.

They do this by rating our “intelligence” as our ability to practice “trickle down identity”. The interests of the corporation are my interests! BULL SHIT! Don’t get me wrong. Being a “team player” is fine. But not when the “individual’s own self interest” is subjugated to the corporate collective!

If we employees as individuals have to make a commitment to the corporation then share holders, who profit without work, and assert a sense of “entitlement” should make an even greater commitment.

This will also encourage stock owners to have some stability in the market place.

How The Central Campaign Fund Would Function To Separate Corporation And State

Once the fund is established from taxing large corporations and the stock purchase fee then money can be given to candidates on the following basis.

  1. Individuals alone may contribute to a candidate up to $150.00 (adjusted over time to inflation).
  2. These monetary votes for a candidate will be matched from the fund at a “universal magnification rate“. Congress will establish this by law. I would suggest a large magnification amplifier. I would suggest that for every dollar donated to a candidate the fund should magnify it by one hundred dollars or even much higher. The important factor in the candidates war chest would be the amount individuals would contribute, as this triggers the universal magnification rate from the central campaign fund. I think Americans need to see and hear more political ads not less!

When your conservative friends object that the tax on corporations will simply be passed on to the consumer then you must ask “well then who is paying for those super-PAC ads right now?” The answer is we are paying for them and with out our consent.

“Taxation without representation”. This is an attack on individual liberty by the corporate collectivists!

However I do propose a goodie for corporations!

Every lobbyist should get a free  copy of Microsoft Powerpoint so they can make “logically persuasive presentations” to Congress. Let their “logic” be the persuading factor rather than their corporate contributions to the candidates’ campaign chest.  I honestly believe they should be heard and their arguments accepted on the basis of their logic not their wallet!

I would add one more condition to my proposed contitutional amendment to separate corporation and state.

Every able bodied citizen must at least show up at the polls to vote or vote “present”. This requirement is done in many European nations and in Australia. Democracy is too important to taken for granted. Hopefully our nation will develop robust third and fourth parties in such an environment.

Democracy Or Plutocracy: Where Is Obama?


As a Progressive I am fed up with making excuses for this pathetic President who is the successor of FDR. Aristocratic FDR held the middle class in more esteem than the wimp we have today as President. As the video above shows even John McCain warned of the dangers of corporate money in politics.

Barrack Obama is dying to have a “grand compromise”. Why isn’t Barrack Obama calling for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state?

One word answer:


Below Cenk Ugar of the Young Turks gives an excellent argument for a constitutional amendment. I do disagree that we should lower the amount of money for ads. My concern is only how it is raised. However the video really gets into the issue of separation of corporation and state.

I strongly suggest dear reader you watch it.

So are you going to act Mr. President? The most important issue facing our nation is the corruption of our policitical decision making by corporate money.

I am tired of Democrats playing “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of their donors.

If Democrats do not come out of the corporate sandbox then:

  1. We can never fix the debt crisis by undoing not simply the remainder of the Bush era but also repealing the Reagan and Kennedy Tax Cuts. Why is this option never discussed even by the successors of FDR? Because they are make believe liberals inside the corporate sandbox of their donors.
  2. We can never tax the cut and run capitalists who ship our jobs and technology off shore! These same globalist then want to benefit from  military spending after they build up China. After all they have, now what is the word? Oh yes an “entitlement“!
  3. Defending the legacy of FDR and the entitlements of average Americans.
  4. America will become a plutocracy.  If Democrats are being tamed into “corpocrats” what is the hope for America?

We need a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state not simply to undo citizens united.





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