Sequestration: The Legacy Of Obama’s Impotence With The Tea Party

As a Progressive I am fed up with listening to Ed Schulz degrade himself into an Obama hoe. Ed Schultz did a whole section of his show attacking John Boehner. Apparently the Republicans are going to try and blame Obama for the cuts that will go into effect if the sequestration occurs.

Ed Schultz should have listened to this video clip from Matthew Filipowicz who asks the president “why is your signature on the sequestration law in the first place?”


I am fed up with making excuses for Barrack Obama. The fact is:

President Barrack Obama did not have the guts to stand up to the Tea Party when it started, nor when they threatened to shut down the government. Instead Barrack Obama did a “peace in our time” waving the compromise of sequestration as a solution to the Tea Party attempt to shut the government down.

Barrack Obama signed the sequestration bill instead of standing up to the bully! Now we all supposed to rally around him instead of calling him the wimp that he is and has always been since he took office.

The issue should have been job creation and income inequality. Instead Barrack Obama refused to use the bully pulpit. This is why we lost the election in 2010 and the House to John Boehner.

Now President Obama even hints he is willing to cut Social Security and Medicare. Ed Schulz needs to stop being Obama’s hoe open his eyes and listen to the above commentary by Matthew Filipowicz. I agree with Mr Filipowicz in that I cannot stand to hear Barrack Obama anymore and his celebration of the testosterone free life style.

President Obama why is your signature on the sequestration law?


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