Sharron Angle, Sharia Law And Harry Reid Finds Testosterone

First we had Newt Gingrich try to apply his perverted use of N.L.P. techniques to scare Americans about Sharia Law being established in America. Now we have Sharron Angle who is running against Harry Reid in Nevada doing the same thing. Apparently “Newt” Gingrich, who thinks Barrack Obama has a funny name, is mad as hell that John Boehner is getting the spotlight from him and perhaps the House Speakership! Both Newt Gingrich and Sharron Angle being right winger’s don’t seem to understand something about America that prevents Sharia Law from being established in the United States.

The Phony Danger Of Sharia Law In The United States

You see in America thanks to the vigilance of liberals we have the doctrine of the SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!  Hmmm but if we were to leave it to Republicans with a strict conservative constructionist interpretation of the Constitution we might say that applies to separation of “Church” from state not “Mosque” from state! Oh gosh those damn liberals with their “judicial activism” they might say that applies to “Mosques” also not just “Churches”! Actually the Constitution says it applies to all religion!

Newt Gingrich is a smart person who knows better and is trying to wage psychological warfare. But Sharron Angle might be the result of one of those cross breeding “corporate” experiments that her Tea Party fellow traveler, Christine O’Donnell have warned us about.

In this case, with Sharron Angle, it was a reverse experiment. Instead of a human brain in a mouse we have a mouse brain in a human!

See the video below from the Harry Reid Campaign.

Well what do you know Harry Reid took some testosterone and perhaps is sharing it with Barrack Obama –  finally! Reid even got the backing of a top GOP leader. (See link below) While I like the ad I wish Harry Reid, who in the past received large campaign contributions from the pharmaceutical industry, would have supported the public option. Nice to get some testosterone now Harry! Same for Obama. To bad Obama whom Goldman Sachs gave their largest contributions did not have the testosterone this year to add a “usury clause” to the financial reform law!

Amazing isn’t it how the Democrats we trust can find the testosterone they need when it serves “their interest” but not the people who elected them! To bad this energy was not directed in the last 20 months to push single payer health care or at least a public option! To bad Obama and Reid did not have the testosterone to pass an Economic Patriotism Act that would shield American blue collar and white collar jobs from competing with slave labor. They recently did some work on this but not enough. Oh dear there I go now “whining” away!

Obama has recently gone on the offensive in terms of campaign contributions being channeled from abroad via the US Chamber of Commerce but more of that in another post!

However like everything done by this “Troika Of Impotence”, Obama, Reid and Pelosi –  To little and to late! Can you hear their “MEOW”! Oh yes this is the “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN”! Pathetic wimps!

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