Six Reasons For Progressives To Kill The Bill

Before I present list I would suggest you listen to this “prediction” from The Frank Factor, a liberal progressive internet show/podcast that aired last February. His prediction about being nice to Republicans and how Democrats compromising to death is true! See video box below.

When are some Democrats going to learn that being “nice” does not pay with Republicans? The first person who needs to learn this is our President Barrack Obama! My God these right wing nut jobs:

  • Smear him as both a Nazi and a Communist?
  • Then they call him literally a liar and Non-American!
  • Oh yes besides an atheistic Nazi or is that “Communist” Obama is labeled as a Muslim!
  • Then they preach about the dangers of the mob while the Tea Bag crowd and their fellow travelers at Fox”NEWS” label Barrack Obama as the founder of America’s new death panels!

Does the Republican leadership correct these mad dogs? No they join them! When will Barrack Obama learn these are Republicans and fight them the way they should be fought!

Six Reasons For Progressives To Kill The Bill

  1. Health Insurance Costs are going to skyrocket without a strong private option! Without a Health Insurance Bill the Republicans will take the blame. If Democrats pass the bill then they will take the blame as the bill is so weak it cannot stop the Insurance Cartel.
  2. Tea Party nut jobs are already blaming Democrats for bailing out Wall Street. Can you believe that Democrats are being successfully labeled as the “friends of Wall Street” while Republicans are stealing the perception of being the friends of Main Street! When the average American experiences the predicted giant leaps in health insurance costs and is forced to buy Health Insurance without a private option then once again the Republicans will blame the Democrats for adding this burden to the Middle Class. The Democrats will be called the “Friends of the Insurance Cartel” or at least their enablers. The Republicans will then urge Americans to “unleash the free market” from the yoke of Liberal Collectivism”! just  look at the latest polls! The Tea Party crowd is doing well while Obama is sinking!
  3. President Obama’s “pass the bill or bankrupt the nation” logic does not work with the average American! President Obama says we must have this bill or the nation will go bankrupt. The Republicans don’t seem to care so why should we! The issue is who gets the blame! Again since the Republicans want to take this country to the brink we had better realize we better not play into their hands by giving them the ammunition to label us as the cause! When the Insurance Cartel unleashes it greed then the nation will be so angered they will want a Social Democratic version of Socialized Medicine! We cannot avert the crisis. So let the public rage turn on the Republicans not us.
  4. The “It would be worse without the bill” logic also does not work with the public. Just consider the stimulus! The public does not care if we could have had a 22% rate of unemployment but now have a “mere” 10% unemployment! This prevention is true but the public doesn’t care. All they see is the budget deficit and now the Republicans are playing the “populist” card claiming they are the saviors of the unemployed! But then again the Stimulus Bill was such crap! We gave more money to AIG then to national infrastructure! We lost our focus on job creation.
  5. Several Liberal commentators have pointed out the Senate Heath Insurance bill does not really protect against pre-existing conditions being used against the consumer! They can still charge you such a high rate with a pre-existing condition that you cannot get health insurance!
  6. Instead of focusing on “Symptoms” we should focus on cutting the corporate lobbyists from Congress. The President should be constantly talking to the public how corporations are undermining our democracy! Why should the average American be forced to pay the K-Street lobbying costs of not simply the Insurance Cartel but all corporations. These corporations are acting as Tax collectors for the upper 2%. Bad enough they have deeper pockets then most Americans but now they want to use corporate funds not their own in K Street lobbying! Where do those monies come from? They come from the Average American! They are pushing us into “Two Americas“.

I agree fully with Howard Dean that the Senate version of the bill is unacceptable. Let’s see what a House and Senate Conference can do! If that does not work then we should use “reconciliation” to pass Single Payer Universal Health Care via Medicare. A regular Congressional bill could then be used to finish the job since some Republicans may support that as it would be their only way to salvage the insurance companies from their final well deserved doom. As stated insurance regulation, unlike Medicare expansion, does require the regular rules of the Senate to pass. But if it doesn’t pass and we have a universal Medicare Opt-In via the reconciliation process then who really cares about insurance regulation! That’s right as Medicare would then just push the companies out anyway!

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