Petition Hillary Clinton To Refuse Soros 8 Million To Stop Bernie Sanders

I just gave $50.00 to Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign. I am not a rich person. I am ENRAGED that Hillary Clinton is going to get a 8 Million dollar donation from George Soros to fight Bernie Sanders.


Dear Reader if you believe as I do that:

“One voter = one vote” NOT

“one dollar = one vote”

Then please sign the petition I have included at the end of this post.

Hillary Clinton received large sums of money doing speeches at Goldman Sachs. She also was generously rewarded by the Goldman Sachs Pac and other Bank Pacs as reported by

Our nation has become the SHINING CASINO ON THE HILL where the rich spend lavishly in idle speculation that places our economy and national security at risk. But their never ending sense of entilement has allowed them to have the laws changed removing the firewalls between saving institutions and financial speculators. The infection of organized money into politics also opened the door so that the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS could “DE-BIRTH” themselves from their American origins to off shore our jobs, wealth and technology. They off shored even to China, thus presenting America with a national security risk.

But dear reader what right do we have to complain.”

They are not CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS but our SOCIAL BETTERS and they have a NEVER ENDING SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT. Maybe if we gave up our health care, vacations, retirement plans, 40 hour work weeks and our weekends then our social betters would not move our jobs to China! It’s all our fautlt we should let them bring their money back untaxed from their Caymon Islands tax shelter. I am just so proud to do my part and I am so glad that now I CANNOT get full social security at 65 but have to work more years, all the while pension plans are becoming as extinct as dinosoirs. But what do I care my purpose in life is to serve my social betters! – WTF?

What Happened To The Democratic Party Of FDR?

President Obama pushed only mild reforms and did not want to tie up his bank friends with the Glass Steigel Act again. President Obama is NOT from Kenya, but his homeland is Goldman Sachs, they loved him as reported in where they list his top contributors.

America has witnessed the “giant sucking sound” of our jobs being offshored as Ross Perot warned Bill Clinton in 1992.

The problem of organized money infecting our society’s decision-making processes started long before Barrack Obama. However, our beloved champion of “change we can believe in“, Barrack Obama not only did not fight to end free trade off shoring but made it worse by pushing for TPP. Do we want Hillary Clinton to follow in her husband and Obama’s footsteps?

While every other Progressive, and even Donald Trump stood up against TPP, Hillary Clinton only recently got the email on this.

Hillary Clinton has been the recipient of Bankster money, yet she talks about regulating them.

Below is a video interview with Senator Elizabeth Warren, who addresses the issue of organized money on Hillary Clinton. Senator Warren talks about her interaction with Hillary Clinton and how Ms. Clinton went from opposing the banks to being their buddy.

Sign The MoveOn.Org Petition And Tell Hillary Clinton To Say NO To George Soros And His Eight Million Dollar Contribution

Below is the petition on MoveOn.Org and the link to sign it. Please read the paragraph below and if you agree click on the petition text below to be taken to the petition page on where you can sign it. Also, if you could tweet it on too. Thanks, folks.

Dear Hillary Clinton Democracy is based on “one person – one vote”, NOT “one dollar – one vote”. We the undersigned ask you to tell George Soros NO THANK YOU to his desire to donate millions to your primary fight. Winning a primary fight due to Soros’s millions is NOT CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!


Poor Hillary Clinton and billionaire George Soros must be #FeelingTheBern! Are you fed up also? I will not give money to the Democratic Party except when the candidate is of the caliber of Socialist Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren

Enough is enough.

Are we to play “make believe liberal” within the constraints of the CORPORATE SANDBOX of the 1%?

Yes, I realize George Soros may be handy in the fall when we face billionaire Donald Trump. If George Soros wants to help, he can instead contribute to funding a campaign for the separation of state and corporation.

Hillary Clinton, do you stand for “change we can believe in?” Then tell George Soros no thanks for the 8 million and he could better spend it for a constitutional amendment supporting campaign finance reform.