Spare The Trojan Then Have The Abortion

Well today our President got a harsh reception from some at Notre Dame University because he supports a woman’s right to choose. Remember folks just a few months ago when the right wing made a big stink about free Trojans being in the stimulus package! Well not every teenage girl has a mummy who is the Governor of Alaska! These are the same right wingers who wale and whine about how “our children” are going to be stuck with paying off the debt from the stimulus package!

Forget the fact that abstinence does not work let’s look at this from a purely market approach:

  • With no free Trojans we will see a rise in teen pregnancy and who is going to foot the bill for the future welfare mothers of America?
  • Who is going to have to deal with the gangs of fatherless boys who will roam our streets, many joining criminal gangs? Great work Republicans! (Have a laugh at their program in the video below).

I also find it amazing that Archbishop Burke who severely criticized our President is a judge on a Vatican Court. Strange isn’t it that he is still an American citizen! I thought our Constitution forbids an American holding foreign office! I find it also strange that a country that is smaller than a park and is really a religious organization should have an Ambassador from the United States! Oh but I guess I am just a “strict constructionalist”!

But back to the nice Republicans who want to block stem cell research that would increase the quality of human life while preaching that they are indeed “pro-life”! I am so happy that President Obama has cut funding for “abstinence education”! Why should the American Tax Payer be straddled with this cost when free Trojans and sex education are fought against! Make no mistake about it the Republicans are not worried that Middle Class Tax Payers will be stuck with higher taxes in the future!

NO what they fear is that they will “only” be allowed to pass on a mere million or two to their children due to an increase in the inheritance taxes on the upper 5%. If Archbishop Burke is so concerned about quality of life issues perhaps he and the Pope would do well to allow Roman Catholic clergy to marry so that the wrong types don’t go for ordination and altar boys can go to church in peace! No I am not disrespecting the Roman Catholic Church. They do a lot of good work running charities and hospitals! I also would like to see abortions greatly reduced by eliminating the need for them by giving free Trojans and sex education.

We can reduce the need for abortions by reinstating FREE TROJANS as part of the stimulus package and making adaption easier, even financially helping those who adapt. Yes sex would be better if people waited until they married but we need to be realistic else our society pays the price with welfare mothers and teenage gangs of fatherless boys roaming our streets!