Starter House But Insurance Cartel Owns The Mortgage

This bill is to weak and requires audacity to hope that rates will not skyrocket due to insurance company greed. I am afraid I cannot go along with Senator Harkins analogy that the Senate Bill is a “starter house not a mansion but we have to start somewhere!” I must number myself among the “Democrats Against Health Reform” because as Howard Dean has mentioned the Bill still allows Insurance Companies to practice “de facto” rejection of customers due to prior existing conditions. The rejection would be illegal but the modus operandi would be that insurance companies can still jack up their prices to cost prohibitive levels on those customers they do not want!

There is no real competition for the insurance companies without a robust public option.

Thus rates will continue their projected massive upward trends. Rates are set to skyrocket over the next few years but the average American is not aware of this.

  • If there is no bill then the so called “free market” will be blamed and their Republican fellow travelers would suffer even more loses at the polls.
  • If the bill passes then when rates continue to rise unchecked the Democrats will take the blame.

You cannot simply “add on” to this “starter house” because the Democrats just don’t have the testosterone to do it! Besides having a public option was a compromise to begin with since most progressives want a single payer system!

I strongly urge you to watch this testosterone filled video from “The Frank Factor”. This video was made prior to Obama taking office! But the author makes a correct assessment and a dire prediction that has come true due to the weak behavior of both Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. (See see video below).

Did you hear what what Frank said about “watching the Republicans when they are the minority”? Hell they are more potent then the Democrats as the majority! Just look at how the Republicans obstructed the bill to finance our troops? They did this to set back Harry Reid’s time table to pass the Health Care Bill before Christmas.

My God can you imagine if the Democrats used this ploy to slow down a bill we did not want? For two years before Obama we had control in the Congress.

  • Did we use it to de-fund the Iraq War? Hell no!

  • Did we impeach Bush or Cheney?

  • Did we launch endless investigations into how the Republicans got us into the Iraq War? No Obama said “I don’t want to point the finger”. Hell I do!

  • Did we hold the public’s attention on the growing income gap between the upper class and the middle class?

  • When the Republican’s fellow travelers in Halliburton moved their Corp Headquarters to Dubai did we Democrats counter with flag waving and impugning their patriotism? Did we talk about them not “supporting our troops” when they had a subsidiary in Iran? Maybe a few did but if it was the Democrats who pulled such a stunt the Republicans and Fox News would be echoing this day in and day out!

I must number myself among “Democrats Against This Health Reform Bill” not because I am for the current system but because this bill is too weak! If we were Republicans I would have the Audacity of Hope that we could build add-ons to this “starter house”! But that requires testosterone and Democrats have answered the “Party of No” with the Party of MEOW”! My God we have 60 Senators control of the House and the Presidency!

The Congressional Majority: Use it or loose it! President Obama has been too weak!

OBJECTION: But we have to have 60 votes in the Senate and you must do what has to be done to get all 60 Senators!

ANSWER: That is correct but the way to do that is go after the root problem! That being corporate financing infecting the election process! President Obama should have lead the charge questioning why middle class Americans should have to finance the Corporate  K-Street lobbying! Why should they be allowed to dip their hands into my pockets to finance their elitists agenda? Let them stick their hands into their own too deep pockets not mine! Republicans label their right to stick their hands into middle class Americans pockets to finance their elitist corporatist agenda as “FREEDOM”. Where is the Democratic outrage? Can you hear the “MEOW”!

OBJECTION: Oh but that would be mean spirited on our part! We might incur “bad karma”! The public will see through the Republicans anyway!

ANSWER: Look at the drop in polls for Obama and Health Care Reform! Just look at the great success of the Tea Party Movement! Americans like “action figures” not wimps! The Tea Party Movement has actually successfully cast Democrats as the champions of Wall Street while they are the champions of Main Street! But then again the stimulus is spending a mere 45 billion on infrastructure while AIG got over 100 billion! The issue of jobs has disappeared from the Administrations radar screen until just recently. True the stimulus takes time to work but we never allocated enough funds to infrastructure and Green Technology but rather to AIG!

President Obama and the Democrat leadership should have:

  • Allocated funds better! The money allocated to Green Jobs and Infrastructure was to small.

  • While the stimulus is going through our economic system the President should have been using the bully pulpit to lash out daily against corporations urging laws to regulate outlandish compensations even to corporate CEO’s whose companies did not face insolvency!

  • Lashed out and called for regulations on corporations sending jobs, technology and investments overseas!

  • Shaming members of Congress who let corporate interests outweigh the need for a complete Public Option or better a single payer system. Remember we have had more filibusters in recent years than in all of our history.
  • By “outing” members of Congress from their K Street closets Obama could have obtained even some Republican votes to at least let the vote occur if not vote for the bill itself! Yes the system makes even honest members take contributions else they would loose.  Obama could have given those who wish to cooperate a face saving mechanism!

Because Democrats lack testosterone what assurances do we have that once the insurance companies keep raising their rates that Democrats will take action? No we want more than the audacity of hope! We want “Change We Can Believe In”! Taxing the elite is the answer not Union health insurance plans! The fat cats are setting the middle class members against each!

The issue is not simply those who are uninsured! The issue is that all Americans can have their health insurance taken away if they loose their job and are then not part of the “Corporate Collective”! The issue is the American Middle Class transferring more and more of their wealth and leisure time to the  service of the elitists!

You remember the term “elitist”! Sarah Palin used it constantly against Obama. The problem is Obama is only focusing on the uninsured which we had before! The solution is not to tax middle class Americans who have a decent health insurance plan but to repeal both the Bush and Regan Tax Cuts! If we stay on this road even the insured will not  be able to afford Health Insurance and as the years go on and they still have no guarantee it will be there if they need it! The insurance companies can price them out. We need to develop a

“Middle Class Consciousness”!

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