American Economy Slips To China But Stock Market Highest Ever

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the stock market hit the highest point it has ever hit in history! So where are the jobs? They are in China, India and Singapore. Yes the last employment report had a slightly better unemployment rate but that is because a large number have given up looking for work. According to the Labor Department’s own statistics 806,000 American have just given up and thus are not counted in the labor force.

The concept of a Keynesian stimulus is vastly weakened by the reduction in tariffs. For the virtuous cycle of the multiplier effect to do it’s good work we need an echo chamber. Instead our economy is bleeding to China.

But don’t worry Barrack Obama is here to push for TPP! Yes “change we can believe in”! Let’s support our social betters while America goes under.

They preach austerity to balance the budget that they destroyed. They advocate “austerity” because they tearfully talk about the future of America’s children. These CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who have become China’s enablers could not care less for the children of the middle class.

Their only is concern is that our children will live their lives in poverty to serve their children, while all Americans work longer hours and retire latter with no pensions! Yet Barrack Obama wants to promote TPP and even have a “Grand Compromise”. Yes the true legacy of a WIMP! 

NO WAY! Stop being a cheer leader for Barrack Obama!

This is where real Progressives get separated from the saccharin Progressives like Ed Schultz and the Obama bots over at MSNBC. The issue facing America is not to get caught up in the drama that is Obama! Progressives did this when the lunatic Birthers of the Tea Party wanted to see Obama’s birth certificate.

If Barrack Obama did not have the guts to call those nuts out why should we take up our time. Obama is NOT a Kenyan Keynesian Muslim Atheist who went to Rev. Wright’s Church. Rather he is the 2008 winner of the Goldman Sachs PAC and his actions have shown that.

Every REAL Progressive feels rage that the stock market has done so well yet middle class Americans are hurting directly from unemployment or the indirectly from the reversal of opportunity in this depressed economy.

Venting rage in the defense of Obama is not the answer. Venting rage at Obama and his celebration of the testosterone free political life style is the answer! 

Parasites Are Putting America To Sleep

Make no mistake about it dear reader the parasites who compose most of the 1 percent (not all are parasites) are putting Americans to sleep so they can complete their extraction of America’s wealth.

They lull Americans to sleep in both the Republican and Democratic Parties by:

  1. Enticing Republicans to believe they are a part of the 1 percent when in fact the majority of individuals who own stock are just one job loss or major sickness away from financial devastation and the loss of their middle class lifestyle. Republicans cast disdain on the unemployed when in fact many unemployed are college graduates and professionals. Becoming employed at Walmart or McDonald’s is not the American dream but a nightmare and that is if they get a job.
  2. Democrats get to become all stirred up defending the wimp Obama and job off shoring Hillary Clinton. This keeps Americans believing that “change we can believe in” is in the “symbol” of a minority member being elected President. Such an idea is racist. No thank you. I will take the ultra-rich aristocratic Lilly white male – Franklin Delano Roosevelt over the pathetic wimp Barrack Obama any day! Thank you Barrack Obama for showing us that it is not just White males who can betray their values and become corporate shrills! Black males are just as capable!  As are white females like Hilary Clinton. Thank you Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton for showing us that all humans can be corporate shrills regardless of race or gender!

Do not lull yourself to sleep by getting side tracked as an Obama-Bot or in defending Hillary Clinton against the Benghazi nuts at FoxNews !

The real issue is not poor Barrack Obama who those nasty Republicans who are always criticizing nor Hillary Clinton. If Obama acted with testosterone in defense of Progressive values then we would not have lost the House in 2010 and America would not be subject to gridlock. The issue is not “poor victimized Barrack Obama”!

Rather the issue is the growing income gap and the never ending sense of “entitlement” by the 1 percent!  The Republicans and their fellow travelers in the corporate wing of the Democratic Party have been the enablers of the 1 percent! The hell with Hillary Clinton she did not care that American college students lost their high tech careers while she supported H1-b and the out sourcing of high tech jobs to foreign companies both here and abroad.

Again do not get worked up in defending Barrack Obama! Obama’s link with the banksters did not end in 2008 when he was the Goldman Sachs PAC winnner. Just look at Obama’s wimpy behavior in fighting the banksters. Obama stated he was “turning the page” on how Bush got us into Iraq and how the banksters wrecked our economy. But JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs remain Obama’$ fellow travelers while middle class Americans loose their jobs and homes.

The banksters are not turning the page on

  • American mortgages
  • credit card usury
  • student loans.
  • Pay day loans.

Wow Obama got a law passed that helps to show you upfront that the banksters are victimizing you as they now have to list their rates! Wow that is “change we can believe in“? Why not guillotine these criminals? Why not out law these crimes? Not when those campaign contributions keep coming in to the Democratic Party!

That is why I have said through out this site:

Obama and Hillary Clinton are playing “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of their moneyed donors! The Republicans (most at least) will always be nuts. But now with most Democrats in the corporate sandbox we have no viable alternatives and that is why China is over taking America as the leading economy!


Stop Being Side Tracked And Put To Sleep By The 1 Percent

Ed Schultz is beginning to wake up but he still needs to understand that real Progressives do not need to be side lined by the drama of Obama. We need to defend America against corporate shrills like Obama and his constant celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle in defending our ideals.  

We can always count on Republicans to do the wrong thing.

The problem is that there is no longer an alternative.

Corporate money has taken over the majority of the Democratic Party! Stop being a “cheer leader” for Obama and Hillary Clinton while the American middle class gets screwed by these corporate shrills!

When a parasite sucks blood it tries to numb the bite so it can continue it’s dirty work. The parasitic corporations and their fellow travelers are doing this now by side tracking us into the drama of Obama and to defending Hillary Clinton on Benghazi.

I hope Hillary Clinton falls flat on her face so we can get a real Progressive in 2016 like Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders! 


Cut And Run Capitalists And Chinese Communists Sing “Globalization Internationale” On The Graves Of American Workers

The  “Financial Times” (see video below) states that China this year will pass America by as the world’s largest economy!

“Maybe if we Americans would lower our standard of living and expectation then our social betters in the 1 percent might condescend to return their investments to America. After all what right do we have to a pension, health care and career advancement if it undercuts the dividend checks from our social betters?”

Well I do not believe in that shit and if you do then go join the Republican Party or go campaign for Hillary Clinton.

 Why are corporate interests never challenged by either party? 

That is why I use the analogy of playing “make believe liberal insdie the corporate sandbox”.

We must break out of the corporate imposed paradigm and stop “trickle down thinking”!

The issue is not how to lower the standards of living in America so we can give in to the grandiose sense of entitlement that these effete snobs of privilege cherish! Stop worrying about foreign nations “not playing by the rules” when it comes to free trade. They are doing what our nation should be doing! Trade over our borders is not a right it is a privilege! Investors made their money in America, that is those that did not inherit it! They do not have a right to invest overseas! Rather it is a privilege that our society can extend on a case by case basis if it serves our national interest.

Notice how the 1 percent and their fellow travelers always project their sins on to the rest of us.

  1. It is they who turned our nation into a reckless casino then they preach about “personal responsibility”!
  2. It is they who have extracted jobs from our economy and substituted slave labor then they point the finger at the unemployed and low paid employed calling them “moochers”. Yet they “mooch” off our society.
  3. It is they who want tax deductions for expensive meals at the best restaurants while our elderly pick garage cans and/or eat dog food. These are the people who want to cut food stamps.
  4. They fly in private jets and want tax deductions for this practice but are against fixing our infrastructure so we can drive our cars in safety.
  5. They take low paying jobs and apply the “innovation” of cutting those jobs in half to create two part time slots while they collect the vacation, health care and sick time that the full time worker would have as their compensation for innovation! They already called the prior full time worker “moochers” because they were paid so little they need food stamps. Now they do it double with the half time workers.

Make no mistake about it dear reader all of this has taken place because the majority of the Democratic Party participated or looked the other way.

Now the wimp we have as President wants to have a “grand bargain”!

Time For Progressives To Up The Rhetoric: The 1 Percent Has No Such Problem

In the days of FDR stock dividends were called “unearned income“! Moving jobs overseas was not a “right” but a “privilege” if it served the national interest. Tariffs were a major source of revenue. In fact they were the only real source during our early history as we did not have a federal income tax.

Both professional jobs and manufacturing jobs are being off shored and out sourced. When I hear talk about re-training blue collar workers for white collar jobs I wonder just what jobs are they talking about?

These hypocrites talk about “Atlas Shrugged“.

Why would a young person or an older person go into student loan debt only to find their job off shored or that Hillary Clinton brought in a guest worker from India to under cut their computer programmer’s salary?

The discussion should not be how to be “competitive” with slave labor. The issue is to wake up and realize we have to be competitive with the 1% and raise tariffs! Then we can do a case by case agreement with individual nations for trade. 

The 1 Percent Hate The Concept Of “Responsibility” While Projecting “Irresponsibility” On To The Silent Majority

The key word here for the 1% to learn is a word they dislike.


They do not have a right to free trade it is a privilege. They have a responsibilty to the nation that gave them birth, protection, incorporation and profits. Why is that issue never spoken about? The enforcement of responsibly cannot be by consumer boycotts, rather it must be done by vigorous government intervention. The government of a free society is the only referee that should be utilized.

Using consumer boycotts undermines OUR FREEDOM. When I go to the market my decisions are based on economics with my limited funds. I am not a millionaire. That is the reason we have a government to act as the referee in this economic game! The job of the referee (government) is to make that market responsible to this nation that made such a market possible.

The Canadian Middle Class Now Surpasses The American Middle Class

The Canadian middle class is supposed to be down trodden due their wicked social democratic system but that is not the fact. Canada’s middle class now leads the American middle class. (see video below)


Wake up America the rich are getting richer while we give up our opportunity for a better life.

How can the stock market reach it’s highest rating ever and

  1. Americans do not see a drastic reduction in unemployment.
  2. The jobs that are in existence are skewed to the lower level.
  3. Pensions are an endangered species!
  4. Wake up America in every middle class neighborhood there are multiple pawn shops. Sometimes they go by other names but their only purpose is to act as vacuum cleaners taking the earnings of the middle class and redistributing them upward to the 1%. That is not what Americans conceive to be “upward mobility”!

The Silent Majority Vs The 1 Percent

The time has come for a middle class consciousness to take place in America! We need to return economically to the good old days of Republican Dwight Eisenhower when:

  1. We had a robust 91% progressive income tax.
  2. Strong tariffs
  3. Robust unions
  4. Dividend income was called “unearned income”.

Americans need to forget about Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama. Democrats please do not get sidetracked defending those wimps. Republicans you need to look around you. The 1 percent are using you. This website is NOT against getting rich by creating innovations. I want to be a small businessman!  The problem today is that corporations have a sense of entitlement to undermine not only blue collar workers but white collar employees as well.

These parasites even sold their junk bonds to investors while they laughed behind their backs! Their idea of “innovation” is slave labor. Republicans you need to wake up along with many Democrats. Stop letting the 1 percent pat you on the head like your a child and set you against your fellow workers! You may have stocks but one long period of unemployment will put an end to that! – JOIN US PROGRESSIVES!

We need Elizabeth Warren and/or Bernie Sanders in 2016! 

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