Stop Attacking Dennis Kucinich

I fully support Congressman Dennis Kucinich in his opposition to the Health Care Bill as it now stands without a strong public option. While Obama was cow towing to closet Republican Joe Lieberman  he should have been paying attention to the people who elected him not the likes of Joe Lieberman who supported John McCain. Rep. Dennis Kucinich has correctly pointed out that this Health Care Bill is a give away to the insurance cartel. (See Video below).

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Let’s examine some of the issues concerning this bill!

#1. If we don’t act now we will not be able to for another 10 – 20 years!

Really, why is that? If we give America a bad bill then we could loose the chance for another 10 – 20 years. Insurance companies will generate the window of opportunity because if they are not controlled their bad behaviors will anger Ameericans!

#2. Insurance costs are going to sky rocket if we do not pass the bill.

Yes they will skyrocket. But without a strong public option they will still sky rocket and then Democrats will take the blame. If we let the bill die then the Republicans and our glorious free market system will take the blame!

#3. The bill could always be fixed latter. As one Senator said this is just a “starter house”.

More bull! Excuse me but is Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson, Mary Landreiu and Blance Lincoln going anywhere? It will most likely be even harder to fix as Democrats will take some hits in this fall’s election.

We won huge majorities in both the Senate and the House. We have Obama as President! Where is the change we can believe in? The Democrats have lead the “Charge of the Castrati Brigade” for Universal Health Care. Their mantra has been “MEOW”! I have had it! I would rather the bill loose then for it to pass without a strong Public Option! If it passes with out the Public Option then rates will continue to rise and Progressives will take the blame for this “wicked Socialist Experiment”!

Ed Schultz went on a rampage Wed. night demanding that Democrats rally around President Obama!  He had a several guests who were the victim of insurance company greed. (see video below)

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Well the problem is that this will continue and be even worse if the bill passes! We already know how Bush cut established programs by staffing the departments with Republicans who would not enforce environmental laws! What assurance do we have that a future Republican President would not undercut a universal health care system by under-staffing or staffing it with cronies who would let the insurance companies have their way? The only solution is free market COMPETITION via a strong Public Option!

Ed Schulz also went on and on about how Obama won the election! REALLY from the way he and the Democrats have been conducting themselves you would think he lost!

  • Obama let Tea Party right wingers slander him with talk of “death panels” his response –  “MEOW”!
  • Obama and Congressional Democrats allowed these nut jobs in the Republican Party to steal the economic issue and label Progressives the friends of Wall Street and what was their response to being labeled the friends of Wall Street? – “MEOW”!
  • Obama allowed himself to be called a “nazi, communist, grandma killer, and a citizen of Kenya! What was his response – “MEOW”!
  • Obama allowed traitor Joe Lieberman to destroy the will of the Silent Majority for the Public Option and did not criticize Senator Nelson with his Corn Husker kickback nor Senator Mary Landreiu and the “Louisiana Purchase”! What was Obama’s response? – “MEOW”!
  • Obama vowed no tax increases on middle class Americans. Yet he would tax so called “Cadillac Insurance” plans by union members while not increasing the progressive income tax on the rich. Change we can believe in?  – “MEOW”!
  • Republicans wanted and got Tort Reforms added to the bill. Even while thousands die each year from medical malpractice. What is Obama’ reply? “MEOW”!

If Obama and the Democrats, with control of both Houses of Congress, don’t have the guts to stand up for the values they were elected to advance then the enemies of America will view him as weak!

Why didn’t he push for the “reconciliation process” right from the start? If Bush wanted something done , like tax cuts for the rich, he had no problem with being forceful. Some liberals, such as the founder of “Daily Kos”  have even stated they would try to unseat Dennis Kucinich with a primary challenge!  Oh the rustle of kitty litter at the White House and Capital!

Make no mistake about it! Without a strong public option insurance premiums will continue to rise and Democrats will then be blamed! Health Insurance Reform will be repealed! Republicans will do the usual rant about “unleashing the forces of the free market from the evil socialist yoke”!  If we do not pass this watered down bill then Republicans will take the blame when premiums rise and we can then pass REAL UNIVERSAL SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE!

We must address the fundamental issue of income disparity in America by a parasitic few. Why any corporate head should be making millions per year is the real issue! For God’s sake it’s not like they earned it! That is why we need a strong progressive income tax! It is just the middle class’s way of saying we have had enough.

Health Care is not a privilege in a civilized nation! It is a right! If the price is a higher progressive income tax then to bad! Again it’s not like these folks in the top 2% actually earned it! Yet we never face this crucial issue! – “MEOW”!

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  1. If Kos goes after Kucinich, liberals and progressives should start going after Kos’ advertisers to get them to drop his site/propaganda mill.

    • GOOD IDEA! I hope it doesn’t come to that as Daily Kos is a good force for progress. I am afraid Kos, Ed Schult and others are just addicted to getting “any bill” passed and don’t realize that most Americans will then blame Democrats when the insurance cartel continues to increase premiums. Without a real public option, not the watered down one they were talking about several months back, we will see insurance continue to rise through the roof and Democrats will take the blame.

      The next day on “The ED Show” he had former Gov. Howard Dean on and while he said he was supporting the watered down bill just barely, he mentioned that people are not really protected from “prior existing conditions” stopping them from insurance. Yes they would under the bill get the insurance but at a $20K cost per year. So what good is it to say you cannot reject someone on the basis of a”prior existing condition” if you can jack up their rates to cost prohibitive levels.

      Now that “corporations are persons” I was hoping Democrats would rally and demand a Constitutional Amendment to fix the issue instead we get some ideas about laws that the Supreme Court could strike down anyway and that don’t go far enough even if the court did not strike them down. Obama, Pelosi and Reid – The Castrati Troika!

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