Stop Making War On The American Government

We are witnessing today a war on the American government by those forces who side with the subjugation of individual freedom to the service of the corporate collective! President Barack Obama has chosen to be a Carl Rogers style facilitator rather than to mount the presidential bully pulpit to defend progressive values.

President Obama made two exceptions:

  1. The Health Care Reform Act that was in part a Health Insurance Company Protection Act as it did not include a public option while mandating forced consumption.
  2. His push for TPP and for fast tracking this NAFTA on steroids law that enables the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS to offshore more of Americas jobs.

Obama And Hillary Clinton Cannot Utter The Word “Tariff”

To utter such a horrible word as “tariff” would sound too much like being a real Democrat!

Let us celebrate instead the “freedom” of our social betters to offshore American jobs so that the donor class will continue to fund the likes of Obama, the Clintons, and Debbie Wasserman – Schultz! The latter being the Queen of the payday loan corporations.

Killing The Referee To Change The Game

The decision-making process of our society is being polluted by this infusion of corporate and billionaire funding of political ads. Some Republicans like John McCain in his prior incarnation did try to stop this. But like most politicians in both political parties turned to the dark side.

When the referee is diminished freedom is not increased. Instead the power of the bully increases! Thus today our blue and white collar jobs are offshored and computer jobs that remain are outsourced! Yes this is called “freedom”! The trickle down identity meme at work once again!

“The freedom of my social betters is my freedom!” – Bull shit!

Ronald Reagan was not afraid to use the force of his office and mount the bully pulpit to advance conservative values. One of Reagan’s crazy axioms that is not confronted by Obama is:

“Government is not the solution to the problem – government is the problem!”

Except when:

  • your house is on fire and you call the fire dept.
  • You are getting mugged and need the police.
  • You don’t want to drink raw sewage – the negative externalities of corporate America.
  • You want those pesky government bureaucrats to build a wall at our border.
  • The 1% want us to bail them out for their “innovations” of junk bonds.
  • Someone does not pay a corporation the money they are owed, and the courts go into action.
  • On and on.

The Donor Class’s War On Government Is War On Our Society

The real reason is they are waging this war on government is to change the decision-making processes of our society from:

“One person – One vote” to instead

“One dollar – One vote”!


Numbing The Consciousness Of Our Society

The issue is not Conservative vs. Progressive. The issue is the infection of the decision-making processes of our society!

We are witnessing a war against individual freedom to the subjugation to the corporate collectivists! If you do not have a job or are forced to work without benefits, a pension, and a livable rate of compensation, then you are NOT free!

Americans allow the advocates of Corporate Collectivism to define the word “freedom.” We Progressives must stand up and say NO!


Allowing dangerous market instruments that turn America into a SHINING CASSINO ON THE HILL for my social betters is not true “innovation“!

We have been numbed by the phony drama of Obama!

If this wimp could not call for the jailing of the banksters and the arrest of payday loan sharks then why should we get caught up in protecting him or his sidekick Hillary Clinton?

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt wanted a SECOND BILL OF RIGHTS. Why is his advocation of this not taught in our public schools? Why have we lost our “Consciousness“?

Playing Make Believe Liberal Inside The Corporate Sandbox

We have not learned from the crash of 1929. To use right wing lexicon – we have not valued the “lessons of history“. Instead, we destroyed the wall between the casino and the banks – Glass-Stegall! We paid the price in 2008.

The Clintons and Obama have been instrumental in the numbing of America! Barack Obama has conducted a marathon celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle. 

They deflected public anger in the service of the donor class. Barack Obama was elected in 2008 with a mandate to be a transformational president. Instead, he has become a pathetic wimp.

Obama cannot mention the “T” word:

“Tariff”. Instead, this wimp undermines the work of FDR and supports TPP. Not the “T” word that evokes “change we can believe in“.  Sure the Republicans gave him a hard time but he deserved it. That’s right this wimp had control of both Houses of Congress and choose not to lead but to instead play make believe liberal inside the confines of the corporate sandbox.

Americans wanted ACTION and were even willing to put the GOP back in control of Congress for that end. Today witness the rise of Trump who at least uses the word “tariff”.

The Clintons and Barrack Obama have played this game long enough. Sure they do push “some” progressive ideas.

Just as long as they do not threaten the transformation of America into that SHINNING CASSINO ON THE HILL.

They have played the game of making progressivism safe for corporate America.

All this while the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS ship our jobs, wealth, technology and future to potential enemies like China. Then they and their Republican fellow travelers will both claim shock when the China they enabled becomes a threat to America.

But no problem then Halliburton will return from Dubai and the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS will all wave the flag while they profit from a war with an enemy they enabled – China. All while the sons and daughters of America’s middle class die and give their limbs while they reap the profits!

This is why we need Bernie Sanders In 2016 and if he goes under then I say VOTE GREEN but do not stay home on election day!


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