Straight Talking Flip Flopping McCain

John McCain has now done a flip flop on the mortgage crisis! Fearing the wrath of the Middle Class because banks are getting bailed out of the crisis they put themselves in and not wanting to appear a hypocrite, the “straight talking” John McCain has done a flip flop. But then that just adds to his already great record of “Straight Talk”! Dan Abrams in the video below speaks to an issue I have raised in this blog for months! The issue is PRO-CONSERVATIVE NEWS MEDIA BIAS! That’s “right” folks! The news media is just as frequently distorted to the right as it is to the left! I believe even more to the right than realized!

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In the above video we see how McCain wants to commit us to a “One Hundred Year War” yet he still cannot make out the differences between Sunnis and Shiites! Meanwhile back at the corporate headquarters, American Companies are getting the itch to invest in Vietnam! Yes you know that is the nation where it was so imperative that we win so the likes of Adolf Hitler loving General Ky could continue to rule!

Gosh golly when there is a buck to be made these very same CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS have no problem investing in the enemies of freedom. Be it in Vietnam or Communist China. Yo Straight Talker McCain! They want to invest in the nation that tortured you! If your orientation where as “straight” as your “talk” well I guess your favorite color would be lavender!

McCain’s fellow travelers, these Iscariots who preach “free trade” invest for profits but they will want you to invest your son in the future war when China becomes a military giant. They sing the “Corporate Internationale” with allegiance only to their class interest and the hell with the nation that gave them birth, incorporation, protection and profits!

While I respect John McCain as a person and even admire him for his prior campaign against the corporate lobbyists, I wonder if he would support a law to ban investment in Vietnam! I guess when American companies were making bucks to support the prior War in Vietnam then it is good business (oops) but now that we don’t have a large military industrial complex we better go aid the enemies of America in Vietnam and especially China so they can build up their industrial base!

Guess who will be there to make a buck when Communist China becomes a world super power and we need to rebuild our military industrial complex? You guessed it these very same CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who will “rediscover” their “American identity”! Oh they preach freedom for the individual yet seek to destroy employee’s economic freedom and make us servants of their “CORPORATE COLLECTIVE”! They preach against sharing the wealth yet wish to redistribute the world’s resources with themselves as the real estate agents gaining a controlling commission!

John McCain, along with his fellow traveler Hillary Clinton should take a deep look at their fellow travelers in the so called “free trade” movement! But then again as a friend of mine said, “How bright can John McCain be as he not only got shot down but captured”! While my friend is sometimes overly cynical I think he has a point as McCain cannot tell the difference between Sunni and Shiite nor give some “straight talk” concerning investing in the very nations whom he preached are the enemies of America!

The time has come for America’s Silent Majority – our great Middle Class to stand up and be counted!