Substance Over Symbol In 2016: Say No To Hillary And Yes To Bernie Sanders

For God’s sake haven’t we Progressives learned enough with the failed Presidency of Barrack Obama? Within six months I knew Obama was a wimp of the highest order who would not stand up for the Progressive Agenda.

Well I was wrong! He turned the page on the banksters and Bush. He will not only not stand up he is ready to sell us out with fast tracking TPP when he could have pushed congress to fast track card check. The wimp would not even go to Wisconsin to help the unions when he said he would but instead sent a last minute tweet of support. Unions are becoming an endangered species in America. It is not just blue collar union jobs that are at stake but every college student can see their future being off shored to benefit Hillary Clinton’s and Barrack Obama’s donors. We must stand up to the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS.

We could have had a feeding frenzy on the evening news with one revelation after another concerning how the banksters got us into the financial crisis and how the GOP got us into Iraq.  But Obama said he wanted to “turn the page”! He did not push for DOJ and Congressional investigations when we had control of Congress.

We lost control of Congress because Barrack Obama did an incessant celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle. Americans will vote against their own self interest but not against their own self definition. We like to believe we are “action figures“.

The GOP gave the American people testosterone rhetoric.

Obama went “Meow”! Stop making excuses for the wimp in corporate armor.

Obama had the chance to up the rhetoric and he choose to get in touch with his inner wimp and be a Rogerian facilitator instead of a Pontifex Maximus! The athletic Obama choose not to lead this nation as FDR did. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was wheel chair bound, but far more vigorous than Obama ever could be.

We need a President who is a real progressive not a symbol.

Stop Judging People By Their Skin Color And Gender


We already put Obama in because he is Black even though he was far to naive. Are we going to do the same with Hillary Clinton and choose “symbol over substance“? Hillary Clinton is not as naive as Obama but she shares with him the important character flaw of being a corporate shrill.


What about Elizabeth Warren?

I have been advocating for Elizabeth Warren to take the plunge for the Presidency but she wants to be a sharp shooter on the Senate floor for a latter date. What I will NOT do is send money to to run comericials urging her to run. If she does not have the drive why should I spend my money?

Are we Progressives so wimpy that we will choose Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, who is at least testing the waters for a run?

You know Bernie Sanders folks.



Are we Progressives so wimpy that we want another “symbol” like Hillary Clinton simply because she is a woman over Bernie Sanders? Listen to this speech by the OLD WHITE DUDE Senator Bernie Sanders and ask yourself:

Did your symbolic icons of Barrack Obama or Hillary Clinton ever have the GUTS to say what Bernie Sanders says in this speech.

Senator Bernie Sanders  was elected as an independent who is a Democratic Socialist. He would have to join the Democratic Party to run in the primary.


However I will vote for him if Warren does not want to run even if he were to run on a third party ticket. I will vote for either of them even if it meant the opposition vote to the GOP is split ending in a GOP win. Bernie Sanders actually has more experience than Elizabeth Warren but at least she has substance while Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton are playing “make believe liberal” inside the moneyed sandbox of their corporate donors. I would rather see the Democratic Party loose than to vote for a corporate shrill.

Instead of going to war in Iraq maybe we should have invaded the Cayman Islands. Open your eyes Progressives our nation is being destroyed by these CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS whose only allegiance is to their never ending sense of entitlement!





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