Supreme Court Denies Republicans Election Weapon


I am a proud liberal and a “Social Democrat”. I have no problem with the phrase “European Socialism”. Well the only problem I have with it is that we don’t have enough of it here in the United States. With that said let me state that I am glad that the Supreme Court has ruled against Judge Sotomoyer and has ended the reverse discrimination against the White and Latino fire fighters.


One of those fire fighters is dyslectic and he even hired someone to read to him so he could score high on the test. I have no problem with fining and jailing those who practice racial discrimination. But I do not believe the answer is to discriminate against innocent Whites. Yes I am a liberal! The time has come for my fellow liberals to act from positive compassion not from a masochistic “GUILT TRIP”!


Thank God the Supreme Court has ruled this way else the Republicans would have one more weapon to add to their arsenal of fear! It is bad enough that the Republicans are smearing President Obama by saying he is not tough enough on Iran! These are the same people who said that our differences end at the shore line and that we should “support our President and stand as one people in the area of foreign affairs”. I guess that only applies when we have a Republican as President.


None the less we liberals must learn not to play “masochist”. By practicing “reverse discrimination” we would not only undermine our party’s future but the first African – American President’s re-election prospects! Over the last few years I have noticed more and more of my fellow liberal Democrats not falling for the old Republican tricks.

Our nation needs to follow a new agenda:

  • Repeal of the Bush and hopefully even Reagan Tax Cuts that favored the wealthy.

  • Universal Health Care.

  • Fighing the influence of K-Street in our Government.

  • The “Greening of America” with less emphasis on fossil fuels and less dependance on oil.

  • Forcing the CORPORATE COLLECTIVES (corporations) to humanize in this 21st Century.

  • Extend annual vacations, as in Germany, to 11 weeks per year!

  • Ending the nonsense that someone is entitled to earn millions per year while the middle class must scrape for an existence!


To achieve these ends we must not fall into the masochistic traps that liberals have been baited into before by Republicans. The stakes are just to high!