Supreme Court Health Care Ruling Might Help Progressives

What you say? Am I nuts? Well my friends and family might agree there but since we do not have a public option let me explain how the a possible full or partial overturn of Obama Care may help Progressives. While people are going to get hurt I believe a negative Supreme Court Health Care ruling might reduce pain in the long run.

The issue is why did we have to come to this? Why not just extend “Medicare to all”?

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The Law Was Never Strong Enough To Stop The Rise In Health Care Costs

Being that we have a President who wants to use the non-directive Carl Rogers’ “person centered approach” to management of this nation we ended up with a weak law. The insurance companies are NOT persons. Yet even before the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling, President Obama was treating these corporations as persons to sit at the negotiating table with him.

This resulted in no public option to keep the prices down. Thus when prices continue to rise the public will blame the concept of universal health care. If we have a supreme court health care ruling that negates Obama Care fully or in part then the concept of universal health care will not be diminished in the public’s eye when prices rise.

If we have a partial overturn then most likely it would be the individual mandate that would be struck down. Good! That is the section that the insurance companies wanted.

But We Would Lose Our “Starter House” With A Negative Supreme Court Health Care Ruling?


What starter house? Were we supposed to finish this “starter house” when Democrats achieve 110 Senators in a Senate of 100?

You forget we are talking about “Democrats”. You know “corporate sponsored wimps”! Lead by the biggest wimp of all time – Barrack Obama!

If there was a way to loose a massive popular mandate Barrack Obama would find it – and he did. Not simply with health care but also with financial reform, job creation and the growing crisis of the income gap.

The issue is not the Senate filabuster! The issue is the “will”.

Defining The Issue Is Obama’s Job: He Failed

Barrack Obama has got to break with his use of Carl Rogers “Person Centered Approach” to management of the nation. Corporations are not people and Carl Rogers would never sanction such a perversion of his theory.

Obama has allowed the issue to be changed from “building a Social Contract Society” to “the Budget Deficit” and “Deregulation”. Obama has played make believe liberal inside the corporate sandbox while the Koche brothers financed the Tea Party which then made the national issue the “Budget Deficit”! Obama has resigned as “pontifex maximus” of the nation by allowing the Tea Party to define the public debate.

Supreme Court Health Care Ruling: Let GOP Get Blamed For Rising Costs

I expect a negative Supreme Court Health Care Ruling  could save the concept of universal health care in the court of public opinion since the resultant rising cost will not be blamed on Government intervention but rather the lack of it.

My logic has one flaw. We have to depend on Democrats to argue and attempt to define the issue! Good luck! These pathetic wimps would rather play make believe liberal inside the monied confines of the corporate sandbox of their donors! Oh yes this is “Change We Can Believe In”! I have had enough of these wimps.


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