Supreme Court Rules – Power To The Bullies

Today the Supreme Court ruled that corporations can engage in “Taxation Without Representation” by unrestricted funding of political ads for or against candidates and issues of their choice! Guess where their funding is going to come from? It is bad enough that these effete snobs of privilege earn more in one day then many earn in one year! But they will not simply stick their hands into their slothful deep pockets to fund their class agenda but will forcefully stick their hands into the pockets of America’s Silent Majority – our great Middle Class! The modus operandi of financing their corporate K-Street agenda and this transfer of wealth from America’s middle class to the corporate elitists will be via:

  • Higher costs for goods and services the corporation provides and/or
  • Decreased quality and/or quantity of such goods and services
  • Decreased compensation for their middle class employees
  • More incentives to off shore both blue collar and white collar jobs overseas. Frequently even to the enemies of America!

(Watch this excellent video of Keith Olbermann and Rep. Allan Grayson)

Once again we hear the term “freedom” used by Republicans. No this is not “freedom” for the middle class but freedom for the bully!

We hear this mantra of the right repeated over and over “that as the government grows then individual freedom withers”! But the government is not the only force on the field. In a democracy the government is an agent of the people! It serves as the “referee”. Reduce it and you do not increase individual freedom but create a vacuum! Decrease the power of the referee and the silent majority then live their lives at the mercy of the corporate bully!

Corporations can then operate without impunity against their employees, the consumer, and the environment. Without the referee the “Individual” losses their freedom to the “Corporate Collective”!

With their new Supreme Court mandated power to engage in “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION” they can perform a vast right wing social engineering experiment to remake America in their image!

From “One person – One vote”, America will be changed into a new Gilded Society of “One Dollar – One Vote”! Our new purpose in this brave new world is to serve the corporate collective! After all in their world of entitlement  it is they who are the “producers” not we the Silent Majority of the middle class!

Yet these fools in the Tea Party movement cannot see what is happening to our nation. Any middle class American who has “self respect” would reject these elitists who brag they are the “producers”!

I wish Sarah Palin would have talked about who are the “producers” in our society in the last election! Instead that friend of Alaskan secessionists and effete snob had the audacity to call Barrack Obama an elitist!

In this Republican brave new world, where individual freedom is subservient to the Corporate Collective, we will witness more American blue collar and white collar jobs being shipped overseas while our social betters reap the profits! In this new “Global Gilded Society” our social betters, the so-called “producers” will hold no allegiance to America nor to the preservation of our way of life! Just look at Halliburton! They now have most of their corporation’s headquarters in Dubai! They even had a subsidiary in Iran. The very nation that was sending weapons to kill our soldiers in Iraq!

Where is the loyalty to America and our way of life from those who prospered? They even place their Corp. Headquarters on Caribbean Islands to evade their responsibly to the land that gave these “persons” their incorporation birth! In this brave new world of the Guided Society our military technology is shipped overseas, frequently to Americas enemies! All the while the these effete snobs and their fellow travelers in the Republican Party sing their new “REPUBLICAN GLOBALIZATION GILDED AGE CORPORATE INTERNATIONALE”!

Where is their loyalty to the nation and society that gave them incorporation, profits and freedom? Well if the Chinese go communist again guess who will “rediscover” their American identity if there is a military buildup and profit! The crisis we face to defend America and our middle class demands a “Constitutional Amendment” to strip corporations of the right to impose the cost of their K-Street agenda on middle class Americans! There can be no compromise!

The time has come to face the real issues in our society!

While we want people to have incentives to innovate, we don’t want that “innovation” to be the production of products and services by slave labor compensation nor the loss of leisure time with friends and family! The time has come to question why anyone should be making more than three times the salary of the average American. What the hell are they doing to earn such compensation? We need a European style progressive income tax. If you are a middle class American and have “self respect” you must demand an end to their extreme control of compensation standards. My God it’s not like they found a cure for cancer, heart disease or aids! From the way these effete snobs of privilege whine at taxes you would think that they actually earn their wealth and have an entitlement?

The time has come for the Silent Majority, our great Middle Class, to assert it’s right as the “Producers” in of this society! If we do not have the “separation of  corporation and state” our story will be the tale of two Americas! The impoverished middle class and the effete snobs of corporate elitists who govern us!

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