lslam: Religion Of Peace On A Killing Spree

Welcome to the “2011 Fundamentalist Olympics” featuring the Koran burning nut job fundamentalist pastor and the murdering Islamic extremists! Frankly I am amazed at the codding of Muslim extremists by our Government. Some crazy nut job Christian fundamentalist burns a Koran and human beings die at the hands of Muslim nut jobs! Yet we act […]

General McChrystal Must Go

First we had companies that were to big to fail, now do we have Generals who are to big to fail? General McChrystal may be  important to our war effort but he is dispensable! I do not believe army generals are to be puppets of the President. But there is a Constitutional forum for a […]

Afganistan And The Trauma Of The Politically Correct

Well this liberal Euro style Social Democrat does not believe in the orthodoxy of corporate greed nor the masochistic “I hate America” political orthodoxy of the politically correct. Just think of the dilemma of some of my liberal friends when the issue turns to Afghanistan! Now for the advantage of getting re-elected the Afghan President […]