Occupy Wall Street Protesters Denied Free Speech

Why aren’t the patriots who are attending the #Occupy Wall Street protests around this nation allowed to use electronic equipment like microphones? I guess the free speech of our new citizens called “Corporations” are more important than those who have to work for a living! Just take a short look at this video where Deepak […]

NY Times Has Alarming Report On National Debt But

On the front page of the New York Times today (8/4/2011) I read an article by Binyamin Appelbaum entitled “Spending Cuts Seen as Step, Not as Cure”. For me this proves we need to have a “Public Option” not simply because we Progressives like that politically but for the good of the nation’s economy! When […]

Go Bernie Go

Senator Bernie Sanders has given a rousing call to action to defend our nation and the “freedom of the individual” in this epic struggle against the vile forces of corporate collectivism and the subservience of the democratic political institutions of our nation to the forces of Organized Money! The question is why isn’t our beloved […]

Republicans Holding America Hostage

This Progressive has once again had his opinion of President Obama reinforced. President Obama is a God damned wimp who lacks the guts to stand up to the Republicans. Rachel Maddow recently outlined the Republican strategy which you can view in the video below. Basically Rachel Maddow believes the GOP has been cornered by their […]

Economic Royalists Vs. Social Security

President Obama did get some more testosterone in his recent speech but I still am waiting for him to launch a campaign to repeal corporate personhood!  ST Augustine said man’s decision making processes have been corrupted. In the case of our society it is the vile forces of ORGANIZED MONEY that is destroying the decision […]