Birther Donny Comrade Trump Is Screwing America Because Obama Never Stood Up To The Bullies

President Trump has accused the dictator of North Korea of infecting western computers with a massive cyber-attack. I believe he is correct because this viral attack was not done by a fat kid in New Jersey. However the intelligence community has defined Vladimir Putin, Birther Donny Trump’s good “pal” as the culprit behind the massive […]

Middle Class And Those Climbing Up Come FIRST Not The 1%

Once again this nation is being subjected to trickle down economics. The Republicans want us to buy into their philosophy and the TRICKLE DOWN IDENTITY MEME that supports it. “The good of my social betters is my good. The rich have a right to be selfish because one day, with hard work (or a good relative […]

Birther Donny: Celebrating Fact Free Epistemology

America has been suffering from what I term, “Birther Epistemology.” President Trump’s latest accusation that Barack Obama wiretapped him has now caused many to stand up.  The news media were cowards for years. Conservatives had the news media running in panic, fearing that to confront the conservative liars will result in the smearing accusation of being […]

Trump Lies: The Legacy Of Obama’s “Silly Season”

Barrack Obama never stood up to the Republican bullies. Stop making excuses for this guy! President Obama’s lack of testosterone in standing up to right wing birther lies and death panel myths resulted in the normalization of GOP lies and the muting of the progressive message. Obama should have called out the news media for […]

Election Ramblings #2: Its 3AM Do You Want A Birther In The White House

If you are a birther your finger does NOT belong on the nuclear button! Donald Trump just renounced birtherism. However with Donald Trump’s epistemological skills do we want him making war and peace decisions? It is 3 AM and the Pentagon is making a call to the White House. Radar has detected possible Russian incoming […]

Go Bernie Go: We Need A Third Party – The Struggle Continues

Bernie Sanders has just announced the war is not over – the struggle continues!  I agree, and I hope Bernie Sanders leads us out of the corporate controlled Democratic Party. We need the birth of the SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY. This fight is more than just defeating Donald Trump. We need to take our nation and […]

Donald Trump And The Karma Of Birtherism

I am a Social Democrat and support Senator Bernie Sanders. I am enjoying the Republicans now receiving their karma for Birtherism and their false charges of  “liberal news media bias“. Megyn Kelly simply confronted Donald Trump with some of his contradictions. Donald Trump went ballistic. Conservatives do not like to have their fantasy land bubble burst. […]

Less Regulation: Power To The Corporate Bullies

Republicans and their corporate fellow travelers in the Democratic Party have undermined the ability of this free society to regulate the market place in the service of the silent majority’s economic security. As the term “regulation” has become conditioned into a bad word have you noticed the proliferation of pawn shops and pay day loan […]

TPP: Cut And Run Corporations Sing Globalization Internationale

The CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS are singing their “Globalization Internationalie” while Barrack Obama has become their enabler and patron. Ross Perot said that NAFTA would cause a huge “sucking sound” as American jobs would be extracted out of America to benefit the few! Because of this job extraction we are living in an era where […]

Democratic Party Labor Day Message: Unions Rest In Peace

This labor day I wore my union tea shirt. But I wonder if anyone cares about the movement including the members of my union. We are witnessing the wholesale destruction of the manufacturing industry but union members do get a pay off! Yes my union members get to enjoy watching FoxNews, their favorite TV channel […]

John Boehner Wants To Know Who Is Going To Jail?

Again this progressive wishes  John Boehner were a Democrat! I oppose everything John Boehner believes in but I admire his guts and determination! He wants jail time for the those involved in the IRS scandal while at the same time he is preparing to push for a repeal of Obama Care for the 37th time! […]

Drones: Right Wing And Left Wing Hysteria

The Obama Administration has now seemingly gone to the right of even George Bush on the issue of drones. Last summer I took a taxi and was forced to listen to the FoxNews watching, right wing taxi driver! This Sarah Palinite went on and on how Barrack Obama was going to use drones to target […]

Hooray Obama Won: But Did Progressives?

As I mentioned in my last post I am PROUD that I did NOT vote for Obama but instead for Dr. Jill Stein the Green Party presidential candidate. Wow Obama won! Mark my words when Barrack Obama goes on his “apology tour to the Tea Party” and attempts to create a “grand compromise” that will […]

Is Obama Possessed By A “Sissy Meme”?

Barrack Obama had the chance to confront Mitt Romney and his flip flops. Instead Barrack Obama continued as the embodiment of the “sissy meme” by celebrating the testosterone free advocacy style. As a Progressive Democrat I found a particular statement by President Obama to be very offensive and I don’t believe any one in the […]

Obama Fails In Psychological Warfare Against Republicans

Question dear reader: Why has the word “stimulus” wrongfully been made a bad word today? That is because the Republicans have won the war of creating definitions! The issue is not merely laws passed but the definitions of problems in the public’s mind. Laws passed are simply the results of the prior war being waged […]

Liberal To Lay off Mitt Romney’s Wife

As a member of I am enraged that they would post a video that makes fun of Mitt Romney’s wife! I have inserted the video in this post so you my reader’s can view it and judge for yourself. I have always believed that Progressives should become more aggressive and use the class warfare […]

Progressive Arise: Say NO To The Romney – Obama Drama

I was away from my home for over a week on vacation. No big deal the issues are still the same! Republicans are the party of the rich and Democrats have been purchased by the corporations! Spare me the bull! You want to get all excited about Obama yet again? No I am not saying […]

Banksters, Golden Parachutes and Unemployment Insurance

Once again the conservatives and the banksters  play the “politics of envy”! They do this while reducing their cognitive dissonance with the defense mechanisms of reaction formation and projection! They cite themselves and their patrician sponsors as the poor victims! Yet they are practicing the very tactic they decry. They next “project” their sins on to their […]

Supreme Court Health Care Ruling Might Help Progressives

What you say? Am I nuts? Well my friends and family might agree there but since we do not have a public option let me explain how the a possible full or partial overturn of Obama Care may help Progressives. While people are going to get hurt I believe a negative Supreme Court Health Care […]

Jobs: Both Romney And Obama Are Corporate Shrills

Mitt Romney loves to portray himself as a businessman who knows how to create jobs! Wrong he knows how to create investor gain on middle class pain! Even Mitt Romney’s fellow travelers in the Republican Party called him a “Vulture Capitalist”. Hey that wasn’t a term thrown at him by the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators but […]

What Progressives Can Do

I am very disappointed that Senator Bernie Sanders has not decided to run against Barrack Obama in the Democratic Primary or better still as a third party candidate. Yes Obama is starting to act and talk like the man I voted for in 2008 but I don’t believe it for a moment. As a Progressive […]

Wacko Romney Supporter and Trickle Down Identity

Yesterday I watched on the news a heavy set elderly woman “demand” that Romney promise her unequivocally that he would end “Obamacare”! Romney replied “absolutely”! This wacko Romney supporter is probably a member of the Tea Party and works at Walmart for minimum wage! Hey but she wants to “show dem damn socialists we aren’t […]

Free Enterprise Unchecked: Tobacco In Indonesia

We hear it all the time! Just “unleash the free market and life will be just wonderful!” Well if you believe that take a look at Indonesia! Recently I watched an episode of “Vanguard” on CurrentTV. You can view the video below. The Tobacco industry is running rampant in Indonesia and so is the cancer rate! This […]

The Super Committee vs Occupy Wall Street

President Obama had better take note of the changing political landscape created by the Occupy Wall Street patriots who are throwing their bodies literally into the defense of the Silent Majority! I predict that they will gain even more popularity when the automatic trigger goes into effect and results in cuts to the safety net. […]

Jon Stewart Attacks #Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street Patriots are spilling their blood to save America from the banksters that destroyed our economy. It is bad enough that FoxNews distorts their message but does Jon Stewart have to add his voice just to make a buck and for a cheap laugh? While the Tea Party crowd shows up to […]