Why This Website’s Silence?

I have tried to cut the new President some slack. I wanted to see if the presidency would elevate him.  Instead he is lowering the integrity of this nation. I was for Bernie Sanders. When he lost I ended up voting Green. Some will say that people like myself gave us Trump. Even now I still […]

Birther Donny: Celebrating Fact Free Epistemology

America has been suffering from what I term, “Birther Epistemology.” President Trump’s latest accusation that Barack Obama wiretapped him has now caused many to stand up.  The news media were cowards for years. Conservatives had the news media running in panic, fearing that to confront the conservative liars will result in the smearing accusation of being […]

Trump Captured The RAGE Many On The Left Felt

As a Progressive, I am deeply saddened by the turn of events. The Democratic Party under both Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton simply pooh-poohed the offshoring of America’s blue and white collar jobs. We were told that under Barrack Obama we could get “change we can believe in!” Instead we got “change corporations can live […]

Election Ramblings #1- Obama’s Testosterone Deficiency Gave Us Trump

I have not been posting as often. Being a Bernie Sanders supporter there is not much to be cheerful about. But I am going to write from my heart.  I REFUSE to get all worked up for Hillary Clinton only to see her stick us with TPP and more corporate shill appointments. As I noted […]

Both Hillary Clinton And GOP Blow Dog Whistles To Cut And Run Capitalists

We have seen our jobs, technology, wealth and future offshored to America’s rival China! All while the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS continue the practice of their never ending sense of entitlement of placing their interests above the interests of the nation that gave them birth, profits, and protection. Then they want us to allow them […]

Bernie Sanders Is Gone: So What Is A Progressive Blogger To Do?

Damn, it is almost a month since I wrote a post. YES, I am in mourning over the defeat of Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton, “Our Beloved Lady Of NAFTA”. I urge my readers not to get caught up in defending Hillary Clinton when the mud starts to fly from the Republicans. Why do I […]

Let’s All Get Worked Up For Hillary Clinton The Princess From Goldman Sachs

We Progressives must now take stock ourselves. Are we going to vote from our fears and live forever in a nation that values our social betters over our values? I am fed up with American jobs being off shored while the wimp we have for president talks about fighting it with TPP. Hillary Clinton says […]

Hillary Clinton’s Final Primary Speech – Dog Whistles To The 1 Percent

Hillary Clinton gave a strong speech but I heard some dog whistles to the 1 percent. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have both opposed the TPP. Hillary Clinton just discovered it despite the fact she was part of it as Secretary of State. Make no mistake about it I don’t like the way Trump insults […]

Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy Speech: Dog Whistle To Goldman Sachs

I am a die hard Bernie Sanders supporter and will most likely vote Green in November if Bernie loses. I listened to Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy speech, and while it sounded strong, it had several dog whistles to Goldman Sachs and corporate America that alarmed me that the news media did not pick up. Hillary […]

Stop Making War On The American Government

We are witnessing today a war on the American government by those forces who side with the subjugation of individual freedom to the service of the corporate collective! President Barack Obama has chosen to be a Carl Rogers style facilitator rather than to mount the presidential bully pulpit to defend progressive values. President Obama made two […]

Hillary Clinton Refuses To Stand Up To Her Patrician Sponsors

As a Progressive, I am fed up with both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama not standing up to corporations and the patrician class. Stop making excuses for Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton whined that Bernie Sanders has a restrictive definition of “Progressive”. She claims that few could meet Bernie Sanders’ definition of a “Progressive”. That is […]

Democratic Debate January 2016: Time To Take On Wall Street

I believe all three Democratic candidates did well. But Senator Bernie Sanders outshined them all. I love that he raised the issue of organized money in politics. Both Hillary Clinton and Gov. O” Mailey agreed with him that we have to have campaign finance reform. Senator Sanders, however, pointed out that Hillary Clinton made huge […]

Hillary Clinton Wins Poll Of Millionaires But Liberals Want Warren

Well now “Our Beloved Lady of NAFTA”, Hillary Clinton was the choice for President in 2016 by millionaires. She beat out Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie. But how can this be you ask? Well the reason is, I am sure, because Barrack Obama cannot run in 2016! I am sick of Democrats playing […]

Senator Elizabeth Warren Calls Out CUT AND RUN Corporations

I am an unapologetic Social Democrat to the left of Barrack Obama. I applaud Senator Elizabeth Warren‘s recent attack (see video below) on these CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS who have no loyalty to the nation that gave them birth, protection, incorporation and profits! I urge Progressives to utilize the rhetorical devices of the right wing […]

GOP Darrell Issa Shuts Off Debate: Yet Obama Turned Page On GOP And Corporations

When Obama took office he announced he was going to “turn the page” on the Wall Street and GOP mismanagement of America!  Yet the GOP is using every opportunity they have in controlling the House of Representatives to launch investigations and undermine Barrack Obama. The latest being Darrel Issa shutting off debate in his committee. […]

Obama Still Playing Liberal Inside Corporate Sandbox

As a Progressive I refuse to get caught up in no drama Obama’s “Me or the evil Republicans drama”. Sorry I refuse to join Obama in the celebration of the testosterone free lifestyle. Cenk Uygur redeemed himself with this liberal in his recent program where he listed the hypocrisy of Obama in not doing anything to support […]

Wisconsin Loss Is Obama’s Fault

Let’s stop making excuses for this arugula eating wimp Obama. He was a “community organizer’ for God’s sake. You mean Obama did not realize with his community organizing background, that in this tight election a string of presidential visits would have breathed life into the recall effort? Barrack Obama looked the other way when Rev. Wright blasted America. […]

Robert Reich To Obama: Screw Us Progressives Again Please

MoveOn.org released a short new video (see below) of Robert Reich! In this video economist Robert Reich likes a recent Obama speech that shows a bit of testosterone. I fear this is what is going to be the future of the progressive movement in America. We are going to be like a naive high school […]

Obama Discovers The Income Gap

President Obama appears to have read the “tea leaves” and the oracle points to the “Occupy Wall Street Movement” rather than further appeasement of the Tea Party! Amazing the GOP accused him recently of being an appeaser! Obama’s correct response was to tell his accusers to ask Bin Laden and the other terrorists who have […]

Obama Citing Teddy Roosevelt: Why Not Years Ago?

In a recent speech President Obama, citing Teddy Roosevelt, criticized  “those who want to fix our current problem and play the same old tune”. Nice I agree but why wasn’t he saying this two and one half years ago? As Dylan Ratigan mentions in the clip below, why didn’t he unleash Eric Holder, his Attorney […]

Free Enterprise Unchecked: Tobacco In Indonesia

We hear it all the time! Just “unleash the free market and life will be just wonderful!” Well if you believe that take a look at Indonesia! Recently I watched an episode of “Vanguard” on CurrentTV. You can view the video below. The Tobacco industry is running rampant in Indonesia and so is the cancer rate! This […]

The Super Committee vs Occupy Wall Street

President Obama had better take note of the changing political landscape created by the Occupy Wall Street patriots who are throwing their bodies literally into the defense of the Silent Majority! I predict that they will gain even more popularity when the automatic trigger goes into effect and results in cuts to the safety net. […]

#Occupy Wall Street Movement Supports Hope

Where the hell is Barrack Obama as the Occupy Wall Street Movement is spreading all over the country? Why doesn’t he address the crowds? Yes I understand that he did make some sympathetic statements. But how about giving the Silent Majority who are behind the Occupy Wall Street movement a visit and talk to them […]

American Jobs Act: Financed By Pulling The Plug On Grandma

As a Progressive Social Democrat I will give President Obama some kudos for upping his rhetorical style in the defense of job creation. However the jobs he wants to create will be financed, in part by pulling the plug on Grandma’s Medicare! I listened to Senator Bernie Sanders after Obama’s speech on “Count Down With […]

Rick Perry Can “Bank” On Obama Being Passive

Recently Rick Perry had a made for YouTube moment when a representative from Bank Of America told him that they would back him! Keith Olbermann discusses this and the election with former Clinton Secretary of the Treasury, Robert Reich in the video below. While this should be red meat for Obama and the Democrats we […]