Wall Street Jounal: Consumer Debt Killing Economy

Monday’s Wall Street Journal headline says that consumer debt is stopping the economy! But that could only be a factor if consumer spending and “aggregate demand” where the prime movers in our economy not the “Job Creators” that the Republicans talk about! When Wall Street points their finger at consumers and their credit card debts […]

Vermont: Single Payer Vs. The Ryan Plan

With all the right wing nonsense going on in Washington DC and Obama leading the charge of the “Castrati Brigade” to make ever more concessions, one hopeful piece of news is that Vermont’s House passed a bill to give that state Universal Health Care under a Single Payer System! We need Vermont’s Senator Bernie Sanders […]

Have Progressive Groups Gone Soft?

As a proud Progressive Social Democrat I am sick and tired of defending the wimp we have leading our Democratic Party, Barrack Obama. While I realize my own Democratic Party has degenerated into a group of organized pussies I was hoping for more fight from Progressive Organizations! Our party lacks the testosterone to break out […]

Hole Rips Open Plane: Deregulation Anyone?

With Republicans trying to cut the funding of regulatory agencies perhaps you might want to consider the real cost the next time you fly in a plane! I don’t want to rely on Ann Rand’s market self-regulation to get me safely to my destination. The Republicans and their Tea Party fellow travelers place profits over […]

Union Envy: How Unions Lay Themselves Open

Republicans are at it again with their game of “divide and conquer”! Just look at the video ad below that smears unions! You would think Obama, Reid, Pelosi and Schumer would go on a endless news cycle of attacks against the corporate elite! Instead all you hear is the rustle of corporate contributions to the […]

GOP And Obama Ignore Jobs

I love Ed Schultz but I fear he is letting Obama get away with to much. I am tired of giving Obama an open pass. In the video clip below Ed Schultz correctly lambasts the Republicans for not supporting an increase in jobs. But as a Progressive SOCIAL Democrat I don’t see much action from […]

GOP Creates Economy Then Blames Unions

Democrats under Obama just don’t seem to want to win the political war against Republicans and their Tea Party fellow travelers! Remember when we were about to see the rebirth of the union movement with a simple “Card Check” Law that would facilitate the massive rebirth of unions when a majority of employees signed up […]

Democrats Need Testosterone To Break From Corporations

Fox News today ran an article attacking Democrats for backing the civil service unions. They gleefully cite a poll that says most Americans don’t believe civil service workers should be allowed to have unions. Democrats Need To Learn From Republicans Oh dear while we Democrats want to defend the middle class we wouldn’t want to […]

Obama’s Weekly Address Shows He Will Not Attack Free Trade

President Obama gave his short weekly address (which you can see below). Again he just does not understand the damage that so called “free trade” is doing to the American people. This is not just a blue collar issue but a white collar one as well. The income gap is widening and college graduates face […]

Dump The Wimp Obama In The Primary

I hope Senator Bernie Sanders or Howard Dean will announce a primary challenge to Obama. My preference is for a Sanders/Dean ticket. But regardless the time has come. Barrack Obama’s worldview does not include the testosterone of wheel chair restricted Franklin Delano Roosevelt! President Obama does not have the guts to go to the American people, as […]

Stop Excusing Obama For Betraying The Base

As a Progressive I am fed up with Barrack Obama. President Obama is going to support an extension of the Bush Tax Cuts to the rich when we should be going back to the days of Dwight Eisenhower when we had a progressive income tax of 91%. The right wing was screaming that Barrack Obama was […]

Howard Dean And Denis Kucinich Point To Obama

The time is now coming when Democrats and Progressives are just getting tired of President Obama and his Audacity of Impotence! This is not the “Change We Can Believe In” that drew us to the polls! Recently on two separate Talk Shows both Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich stated that Obama had better wake up […]

Senator Bernie Sanders And Howard Dean In 2012

Want to destroy “Change We Can Believe In”? Then keep supporting Barrack Obama and his game of “playing progressive” inside the Corporate Sandbox! No more bull! As liberals and progressives the time has come stop making excuses for this looser! The time has come to stop denying our gut reactions! I had that first reaction […]

Can Democrats Get In Touch With Their Inner Plebeian

Remember when Democrats were talking about letting the Bush tax cuts for the rich die out instead of repealing them immediately? Now they have morphed into such wimps that they may keep them for the rich for years or permanently! Then again it was in those same early months of the Obama administration that we […]

More Evidence Obama Goes Wimpy

In the wake of a Republican take over of the Senate and/or House, President Obama has plans to reduce the deficit. Fine but what about jobs! When the issue is jobs then the deficit has to take a back seat. This is the same nonsense that Herbert Hoover tried to sell the American people while […]

Obama's Approval Rating: Can An Ostrich Fly?

When will Obama learn that bi-partisanship is nonsense! President Obama’s approval rating is dropping like a stone in water. What happened to that great orator we elected? The way the Republicans where whining when Barrack Obama was elected I thought by now the Republicans would be slitting their wrists in our new Socialist Motherland! But […]