Chris Hayes And Bill O’Reilly: How We Liberals Set Ourselves Up

Warning: Non-politically correct material follows! Free Thinkers should only continue reading. This article may arouse existential anxiety in masochistic purists. I am sorry but I have to concede, in part that FoxNews’ commentator Bill O’Reilly  does have a point in his recent rant. To deny this is to lay the progressive agenda open to conservative […]

Bill O'Reilly And FoxNews SPIN Steve Schmidt Statements

While we already are aware about Sarah Palin’s lack of basic geography, I would like to add how Fox News distorted Steve Schmidt’s interview on “60 Minutes“!  Bill O’Reilly created a FULL SPIN ZONE in his “Talking Points Memo” on Monday when he said that McCain Adviser Steve Schmidt stated that Sarah Palin made the […]