Why Obama Does Not Want To Paint Romney As A Flip Floper

Chris Matthews reported that former President Clinton advised President Barrack Obama to drop the flip flop attack against Mitt Romney and instead to portray Mitt Romney as a hard core conservative. The idea being that Romeny has painted himself into a corner that now will alienate him with the center and with woman. I believe […]

Romney Versus Obama: Will Obama Be A Progressive?

Now that the Republicans appear to have a candidate I am all fired up to go out and campaign for Obama! –  (Oh sure).  I just cannot wait till Obama gets re-elected and we have four more years of compromising and undermining of every progressive value I hold dear! I voted for Obama because I believed he was going […]

What Progressives Can Do

I am very disappointed that Senator Bernie Sanders has not decided to run against Barrack Obama in the Democratic Primary or better still as a third party candidate. Yes Obama is starting to act and talk like the man I voted for in 2008 but I don’t believe it for a moment. As a Progressive […]

Barrack Obama Is The Best Republican Candidate

I took my title line from the “FrankFactor Podcast”. I could not agree with Frank more. Let me now repeat something I have said! Barrack Obama is not a Muslim Atheist Communist Euro-Secularist Kenyan devotee of Gay Sharia law or any other combination there of. No they have it all wrong! Barrack Obama is a […]

Newt Gingrich And Operation Chaos

As a Progressive Democrat I am enjoying the Republican circular firing squad. However the fun and games may come to an end because the people’s voice does not count. Their corporate sponsors may pull the plug on this delightful TV program we witness every night! What Newt Gingrich is facing is the karma of patronage […]

Obama’s State Of The Union Address: Kind Of Late

Yes I did like that President Obama was more forceful in his “state of the union speech”. Sure he has been victimized by Republicans and the nut job birthers. But if President Obama kept his eye on the goal of the Progressive agenda from the start of his administration instead of how best he could […]

What Financial Reforms: A Progressive Prospective

I am a Progressive and I will not make excuses for Barrack Obama! What burns me up is to hear Obama devotees give their endless litany we have financial reforms in America due to Obama! What reforms? The speculators are free to destroy our economy once again! Oh but now we have a small insurance […]

Obama’s Recess Appointment of Richard Cordray A Testosterone Epiphany?

Recently President Obama showed some evidence that he does have guts. Yes even I was impressed that he stood up to the Republicans and appointed Richard Cordray to be the director of the Consumer Protection Agency! The Republicans were attempting a de facto destruction of this newly created agency by not allowing anyone to be […]