President Barrack Obama Trying To Be A Carl Rogers Facilitator?

Most of you do not know who Dr. Carl Rogers was. He was recognized by the American Psychological Association as one of the leading psychologists in America. President Barrack Obama is in my opinion trying to follow the leadership philosophy of the late Dr. Carl Rogers. Dr. Rogers believed a leader should not be a […]

Obama Fails In Psychological Warfare Against Republicans

Question dear reader: Why has the word “stimulus” wrongfully been made a bad word today? That is because the Republicans have won the war of creating definitions! The issue is not merely laws passed but the definitions of problems in the public’s mind. Laws passed are simply the results of the prior war being waged […]

Unemployment: The Wimp Gave Us A Wimpy Stimulus

Yet another month of wimpy job reports. The Republicans are having a field day. Sure the Republicans obstructed and George Bush gave Obama a burning house. That is not the issue! When people are hurting they expect their government to TAKE ACTION! I don’t care if Obama did not get one piece of legislation passed. […]

So What The Individual Mandate Uses A Tax

Once again the Republicans are up to their old tricks and trying to “spin” the individual mandate ruling by the Supreme Court ┬áto serve their political ends. The problem with all the political pundits is that the presumptions of the entire discussion are more involved. Taxes are not simply to raise revenue but a means […]

Supreme Court Health Care Ruling Might Help Progressives

What you say? Am I nuts? Well my friends and family might agree there but since we do not have a public option let me explain how the a possible full or partial overturn of Obama Care may help Progressives. While people are going to get hurt I believe a negative Supreme Court Health Care […]