One Asset That Obama Boasted In Debate Not Mentioned

Well in this the fourth year of “Change We Can Believe In’ President Obama did deliver one asset in his recent debate that the news media has not mentioned. While Barrack Obama just stood by while Mitt Romney sissy slapped him with lies, Barrack Obama presented to America one great asset that he brings to […]

Legacy Of Democrats Playing Progressive In Corp Sandbox

There is a price to pay when Democrats do not aggressively follow the lessons of history and compromise the legacy of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Most political observers believe the Congress will be the same after the election. Some say the Republicans could even take the Senate. Barrack Obama will mostly likely squeak by. However according to the Huffington Post the […]

Ralph Nader Against Product Recall: Let’s Rehab Obama!

Like an infectious meme or psychological schema, Barrack Obama has infected the Democratic Party with his “Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome”! What do I mean? Ralph Nader has stated he is pushing for candidates to oppose Barrack Obama in the primaries! At first glance I was really impressed. Real Progressives have to be fed up with Obama […]

Unions And The Middle Class

The middle class is under attack in this country and it is not just blue collar workers but white collar employees as well! A DailyKos writer has lamented that her students label themselves as “middle class” as opposed to “working class”! I believe however it is time to break free of 19th Century lexicon! Not […]

Do Progressives Have A Political Party?

As a Liberal and Progressive Social Democrat I am fed up with Obama and the bulk of the Democratic Party! It seems the only function we Progressives have in Obama’s worldview is to “purchase” him credibility with some right leaning centrists by his attacks on us and the base that got him elected! “See I […]

The Congressional Majority: Use it Or Loose It

So we lost the House Of Representatives! From the way future House Speaker John Boehner is talking you would imagine that Republicans have a “mandate”. Not so fast tan man. I suppose that Nancy Pelosi had a similar mandate to shut the government down to end the War in Iraq after the 2006 Election? We should […]

Senate Holds Prayer Vigil To Block Republican Tsunami

In the ancient days of Rome the Senate would pray at the Temple of Janis. Today the entire Democratic Party members of Congress where lead by President Barrack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi (The Troika of Impotence) as they worshiped at the Temple Of Joe Lieberman’s Ass located on Washington DC’s K-Street! President Barrack […]

Republican Take Over: Cause For Progressive Joy

Hey it’s not like the Democrats really wanted to be the majority in both Houses of Congress. We could have 250 Senators in a Senate of 100 and the Democrats would still delay so they could hold a prayer vigil to kiss Joe Lieberman’s ass! Hell you would never know they controlled both Houses. What’s […]

Obama Whining To Base: Stop Enthusiasm Gap

President Obama is blaming the Progressive base for the enthusiasm gap! Obama has said that “it is irresponsible for Progressives to sit on the side lines”! Well Mr. President maybe if you took your head out of Senators Joe Lieberman’s and Olympia Snows a*s (censored by Google rank algorithm) then maybe the base would have […]

Bernie Sanders Or Howard Dean In 2012

The time has come for “Change We Can Believe In”! President Obama has the audacity to attack the base that elected him when he spent the last 18 months kissing Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln’s butts! So how is that working out for you Mr. President? Joe Lieberman even campaigned against Obama in the […]

The Audacity Of Impotence – Charge Of The Castrati Brigade

Barrack Obama cared more about the support of Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson then the progressive base that elected him. The Democrats could really show up the Republicans now by forcing a vote on the Middle Class Tax Cut but all we hear is their pathetic “MEOW”! Now we are supposed to save him and Harry Reid. […]

Ed Schultz Doesn't Realize Why Base Is Mad

Below is a video featuring Ed Schultz. He is pushing for Democrats to come out and support Democrats in the House and Senate. I like Ed Schultz but he just does not get it. Why should progressives support candidates who don’t stand for “Change We Can Believe In”. Ok what can happen if the Republicans […]

How Obama Can Break Out Of The Corporate Sandbox

As a liberal I am fed up with Obama and his appeasement of the Republicans and their fellow travelers in corporate America. But what upsets me even more is that my fellow Democrats are “playing liberal” inside the confines of the “Corporate Sandbox”. When are we to have “change we can believe in”? When we […]

Base To Obama – Give Us Change We Can Believe In

I voted for Obama! I am a ardent progressive. But I am sick and tired of defending him and his fellow members of the Troika Of Impotence, the other two being HarryReid and Nancy Pelosi. Be honest is this “Change We Can Believe In?” Why the hell should the Democratic base support this Troika of […]