Trump Fleet Move Is Friendly Act To China

Everyone is attacking President Trump for saying the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson and it’s squadron were heading to North Korea when in fact they are heading south. Trump Does Not Want To Offend China Since They May Help Us? China is creating artificial islands in the South China Sea to create a claim to large […]

China: Mecca For Cut And Run Capitalists

Support Our Social Betters

NOTE: Mr TeaBag is a guest Conservative Contributor  🙂 to this Progressive Website! Oh I hear all these worsey liberals wanting to repeal the Bush Tax Cuts! Just look at all the great job growth we had since these Tax Cuts where put in place! No it isn’t the end of the world if your job was […]

Chinese Sea Challenge: What About The Cut And Run Capitalists

China has challenged us at sea! She has harrassed our naval ship, USNS Impeccable! Last year she shot a laser  beam at one of our satellite and temporarily blinded it. I am a Non-PC Liberal. I expected this. Now we have to wonder if the “CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS” who cared more for free trade […]

Helicopters For President Prevent War

The world is not a game of checkers but CHESS! Kill the king and the game is over! When nuclear missiles and “pulse bombs” can disable our nation’s ability to launch retaliation in fast order we need to protect our President. If reports are to believed we no longer maintain the secret nuclear safe haven in […]