GOP Against Free Market’s “Guiding Hand” If Issue Is Hillary Clinton Documentary

Recently the Republican Party big shots have announced they would bar CNN and NBC from the GOP primary debates if they aired a documentary on Hillary Clinton. Yet Republicans are the same people who preach the supremacy of so called  “free markets”! Let’s explore the hypocrisy of the so called free market by both Republicans […]

Obama Questions If Republicans Have Amnesia

While we are all happy that President Obama finally found “some” testosterone he just does not want to take responsibility for his lack of mojo over the last three years! Obama seems to have amnesia when it comes to the progressive agenda. Well until now! Recently he gave a speech (see video below) where he […]

Obstructionism On Steroids Vs Rogerian Facilitator Barrack Obama

This Sunday Senator Harry Reid stated on “Meet The Press” (video below) that President Obama has faced “obstructionism on steroids”! The senator then listed how the Republicans have gone out of their way to stop Obama and to undermine his presidency! Senator Reid is correct. Republicans are obstructionist. The problem is that Obama is trying […]

Boehner’s Speech: We Need “Longevity Gains Tax”

John Boehner several years ago gave out campaign contributions to his fellow travelers from the Tobacco industry! Boehner did this on the floor of the House while the House was in the process of voting for the Tobacco industry subsidy. This from the man who talks about “Cut, Cap and Balance“! While millions of Americans […]

Obama’s Rogerian Approach And Our Economy

Let’s stop pretending that Obama’s job stimulus was strong enough! Just like everything he has done domestically he is a failure! This track record of failure is due to both his managerial style and the corporate sandbox that he operates in.  Below is a video clip from MSNBC’s “Hardball” with Chris Matthews. This clip exemplifies […]

Republicans Holding America Hostage

This Progressive has once again had his opinion of President Obama reinforced. President Obama is a God damned wimp who lacks the guts to stand up to the Republicans. Rachel Maddow recently outlined the Republican strategy which you can view in the video below. Basically Rachel Maddow believes the GOP has been cornered by their […]

GOP And Obama Ignore Jobs

I love Ed Schultz but I fear he is letting Obama get away with to much. I am tired of giving Obama an open pass. In the video clip below Ed Schultz correctly lambasts the Republicans for not supporting an increase in jobs. But as a Progressive SOCIAL Democrat I don’t see much action from […]

Japanese Disaster Could Be A Green Blessing

Japan may emerge from this disaster as the leader in Green Technology! First let me state outright I wish this disaster that hit the Japanese nation had never occurred. I do not mean to imply that this was a good thing. But the Japanese people now have the ability to become world leaders and turn […]

Do Progressives Have A Political Party?

As a Liberal and Progressive Social Democrat I am fed up with Obama and the bulk of the Democratic Party! It seems the only function we Progressives have in Obama’s worldview is to “purchase” him credibility with some right leaning centrists by his attacks on us and the base that got him elected! “See I […]

American Exceptionalism: GOP Playing Patriot While Screwing America

Two Years ago President Obama, in a primary debate, put down the other contestants by saying “their ideas were mere replays of late night discussions in the college dormitories of the 1960’s”. Well I was in those late night dorm discussions and it is to bad Obama wasn’t around then because he would recognize the […]

GOP: Bankruptcy Is Good For States But Not Individuals

Republicans want to allow state governments to go bankrupt so they can destroy civil service unions! Strange isn’t it that they fought tooth and nail to make it harder for individuals to declare bankruptcy! Former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is leading the fight. There is a method to their madness. They want to […]

Obama Signs Don't Ask – Don't Tell Repeal

When confronted with racial discrimination in the military President Harry Truman took the poll data concerning views of American servicemen and then just laid it aside to do the right thing. The reason for that is that human rights are not subject of majority confirmation. They are rights – period! Amazing isn’t it that people want […]

Senator Bernie Sanders And Howard Dean In 2012

Want to destroy “Change We Can Believe In”? Then keep supporting Barrack Obama and his game of “playing progressive” inside the Corporate Sandbox! No more bull! As liberals and progressives the time has come stop making excuses for this looser! The time has come to stop denying our gut reactions! I had that first reaction […]

Obama's Idealism: Presidential Asset Or Liability

I understand where President Obama is coming from! I just wish he would recognize he is facing Republicans not fellow Democrats. This is not “silly season in politics” when right wingers, in their arrogance of self entitlement, talk about second amendment solutions! Nor when the Texas Governor hints at secession! But then again we had […]

More Evidence Obama Goes Wimpy

In the wake of a Republican take over of the Senate and/or House, President Obama has plans to reduce the deficit. Fine but what about jobs! When the issue is jobs then the deficit has to take a back seat. This is the same nonsense that Herbert Hoover tried to sell the American people while […]

President Obama Smeared As "Angel Of Death"

Once again President Obama is being smeared by the right wing. This time as the “Angel of Death” in a Republican ad. For over 18 months this nation has had to endure the degradation of our political processes by these idiots on the right wing. But let me be clear what I find even more […]

Bernie Sanders Or Howard Dean In 2012

The time has come for “Change We Can Believe In”! President Obama has the audacity to attack the base that elected him when he spent the last 18 months kissing Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln’s butts! So how is that working out for you Mr. President? Joe Lieberman even campaigned against Obama in the […]

How Obama Can Break Out Of The Corporate Sandbox

As a liberal I am fed up with Obama and his appeasement of the Republicans and their fellow travelers in corporate America. But what upsets me even more is that my fellow Democrats are “playing liberal” inside the confines of the “Corporate Sandbox”. When are we to have “change we can believe in”? When we […]

Base To Obama – Give Us Change We Can Believe In

I voted for Obama! I am a ardent progressive. But I am sick and tired of defending him and his fellow members of the Troika Of Impotence, the other two being HarryReid and Nancy Pelosi. Be honest is this “Change We Can Believe In?” Why the hell should the Democratic base support this Troika of […]

November Election Loss – Loose The House?

President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, being the “Troika Of Impotence” in advancing the progressive agenda, are now beginning to realize we may loose control of the House! Maybe they can take a break from singing Komb Bye Yah and making nicey with the Republicans to actually listen to the Democratic Party base. Reid is […]

Harry Reid Is Right About Obama

On Tuesday Ed Schultz went ballistic about Senator Harry Reid’s comments concerning President Barrack Obama not being forceful with the Republicans. <See video below>. Yes Ed Schultz is correct that Senator Reid should have been forceful himself long ago. None the less I am tired of playing “make believe” about Barrack Obama! I voted for Obama because […]

Republicans Bow To BP

Remember when Republicans were screaming at President Obama because he bowed to the Japanese Emperor? What about Rep. Joe Barton bowing to BP Executives? True many Republicans pushed him to back away but why do Republicans want a cap on spill liabilities yet are against the “Cap on Trade Bill”? To use the conservative rhetoric […]

President Spock And The Science Of Losing

Let’s see now how can we Democrats go out of our way to loose! Well first we had Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi gaining the leadership of the Senate and House then pig headily letting the Republicans just roll over them! We could have refused to fund the war in Iraq but Nancy Pelosi would […]

Freedom For Our Social Betters And The Oil Spill

Ronald Reagan spoke movingly about the “Shining City On The Hill”. The problem is he doesn’t mention that city is only for the top 2% while the American Middle Class lives in the valley below! The current oil crises is a perfect example! In the video below one of the oil workers is afraid because […]

Rand Paul Bleeding Heart For Corporations

Rand Paul is a whining little sissy hypocrite! He was afraid to go on “Meet The Press” because he said he did not want to get involved with liberal news media biases! Now note the blatant hypocrisy here! Aside from the fact that this is just a cover up to facing responsibility for his statements, […]