Health Care: Time For Democrats And Progressives To Stand Up

While many Democrats where blowing kisses to Republicans believing this would be a new era of cooperation, the Corporate Collectivists and their minions in the Republican Party are arming for battle. Their plan is to subvert the freedom of the Individual to The new 21st Century Collectivists. No not the Soviet Collective but the Corporation! […]

Bed Time For Sarah Palin

Oh poor baby Sarah Palin. Did that nasty liberal biased news media finally become too much for the “Pit bull Hockey Mummy” from Alaska? What drives me crazy about Sarah Palin is the way the news media where too scared to pursue her ties with the Alaskan independence Party and her ties with a witch […]

Restore The Pahlavi Monarchy In Iran

Yes I am a Social Democrat and voted for Jimmy Carter. I believed the Shah had to go at the time. Now I feel the opposite. Partially because I believe both Liberals and Persian Monarchists have both matured. While our direct support could hurt the forces of “Change” in Iran, I do believe in the […]

Republicans Using Psychological Warfare

Remember when George Bush wanted to divert funds from Social Security for “Private Investment Accounts?” He wanted to play the young against the old and also try to make even those with little income identify with the richer elements of the investor class by owning stock! Well now they are at it again! They have […]