Obama Citing Teddy Roosevelt: Why Not Years Ago?

In a recent speech President Obama, citing Teddy Roosevelt, criticized  “those who want to fix our current problem and play the same old tune”. Nice I agree but why wasn’t he saying this two and one half years ago? As Dylan Ratigan mentions in the clip below, why didn’t he unleash Eric Holder, his Attorney […]

Get The Money Out Of Political Decision Making

I agree with Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC who is advocating a Constitutional Amendment to get the money out of politics. I suggest you check his site and sign his petition at http://www.getmoneyout.com/ which is also co-sponsored by The Huffington Post. This issue threatens the very nature of our democratic political institutions! President Franklin Delano Roosevelt […]

Dylan Ratigan: “We Have A Bought Congress”

Dylan Ratigan  did a fantastic tirade against the corporate take over of America on his MSNBC show. I could not agree more. I have stated on this site that the attack upon our democracy by the corporate plutocrats is the most important issue facing our nation today. Every other issue could be solved if we […]

Ron Paul: Smoke Pot Then Serve The Rich

Ron Paul does have some good qualities. He is a “consistent conservative” but he just does not understand that his definition of “freedom” is a form of spaced out servitude to the corporate collective! In the clip below Ron Paul goes to pains to distinguish between the “Free Market” as opposed to “Corporatism”. Both he […]