Go Bernie Go

Senator Bernie Sanders has given a rousing call to action to defend our nation and the “freedom of the individual” in this epic struggle against the vile forces of corporate collectivism and the subservience of the democratic political institutions of our nation to the forces of Organized Money! The question is why isn’t our beloved […]

Obama’s Rogerian Approach And Our Economy

Let’s stop pretending that Obama’s job stimulus was strong enough! Just like everything he has done domestically he is a failure! This track record of failure is due to both his managerial style and the corporate sandbox that he operates in.  Below is a video clip from MSNBC’s “Hardball” with Chris Matthews. This clip exemplifies […]

Recovery Bill Or Pork Barrel – Where’s The Beef?

Recovery Bill Or Pork –
Where’s The Beef?
I am a rabid economic
liberal who voted for
Barrack Obama. I do not
believe this Stimulus
Package has enough
strength to stop the crisis
we are in. I believed the bill
would push money into
Infrastructure Repair,
Alternative Energy
Research, and an improved
Electric Grid. What I see
instead is a huge pork bill!
If you read my last post I
support, and still do the
small inclusion of funding
for Trojans. Preventing
teen pregnancy and the
increase of both Welfare
Mothers and gangs of
teenage boys without
fathers is worth the
investment. So I am not
swayed by conservatives