Ed Schultz Cannot Reconcile Obama And TPP

Unlike Ed Schultz I have long given up on Barrack Obama as a Progressive. Ed Schultz must have a lot of Obama bots as viewers because he tippie toes while criticizing President Obama on TPP . But then again MSNBC is nothing but an Obama cheerleader club as opposed to being a straight Progressive channel. […]

Ed Schultz Thinks Obama’s Economy Is Doing Great: WTF

Ed Schultz thinks the economy is all peachy keen. He is a victim of “trickle down identity” not to mention he has to much psychologically invested in Barrack Obama. The metrics he cites are the stock market  because it is at an all time high plus raw job numbers are getting better! Ed Schultz preaches […]

Ed Schultz Does Not Realize Obama Is A Republican Enabler

Barrack Obama has been a Republican enabler from day one but poor Ed Schultz just cannot accept that. I seem to pick on poor Ed Schulz but that is because I like him. He seems to realize that Obama is not standing up fully for Progressive values but like most Democrats has to much invested […]

Ed Schultz: “Please President Obama Stop Being A Wimp”

Congressperson Darrell Issa is mounting a crusade of hearings against Obama Care. Both Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz correctly attack Issa for doing this. Fine I agree with both Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz. But my point is that where was Barrack Obama when Progressives wanted to push for an in depth Congressional and even […]

Ed Schultz Wants Us To Push Obama To Act Like A Democrat – WTF

Recently poor Ed Schultz started his show with a report on the “Trans Pacific Partnership” or “TPP“. In the video below Ed Schultz does an excellent job on the dangers of TPP. He calls it “NAFTA on steroids“. He then wonders why Barrack Obama would be supporting such a bill and urges us to educate […]

Sequestration: The Legacy Of Obama’s Impotence With The Tea Party

As a Progressive I am fed up with listening to Ed Schulz degrade himself into an Obama hoe. Ed Schultz did a whole section of his show attacking John Boehner. Apparently the Republicans are going to try and blame Obama for the cuts that will go into effect if the sequestration occurs. Ed Schultz should have listened […]

Ed Schultz Now Realizes Obama Is A Wimp

You may have noticed I did not do much posting prior to and just after the election. That is because I do NOT share the enthusiasm of my fellow progressives for the re-election of Barrack Obama. I said it before and I will say it again. Barrack Obama is a God damn mealy mouth, testosterone deficiency  […]

Ed Schultz Joins Obama In The Celebration Of The Testosterone Free LifeStyle

Good God will Ed Schultz finally realize that Barrack Obama is nothing more than a  wimpy corporatist shrill who will not campaign in Wisconsin for Walker’s recall? Hell I do NOT  want to see Obama’s birth certificate! Rather I want to see Obama’s Democratic Party registration papers. How can Barrack Obama be from the same party […]

Ed Schultz Vs. Fox News On Obama

The HuffintonPost has blasted FoxNews for once again showing it’s right wing colors. FoxNews ran a video that was more of a GOP Campagin ad. Poor Ed Schultz also was angered and is trying to alert Americans but unfortunately Ed Schultz just does not get it. You see poor Barrack Obama, our hero of “Change We Can […]

Barrack Obama And The Karma Of Testosterone Deficiency

Remember my fellow Progressives when Obama swept into office with control of both houses of Congress? We even had 60 senators!  Do you remember when Democrats were going to pass a new law that would make the formation of union shops spread across the nation as fast as the droppings of Canadian geese? Yes those […]

Obama or Romney: Who Can Bring Out Their Base?

As a progressive I am afraid the 2012 election is going to be about “damage control” rather than advancing the progressive agenda. By now, if you were to believe my conservative co-workers, Barrack Obama should have turned this nation hard left! I should be toasting our new and ever glorious euro-socialist motherland! President Franklin Delano […]

Romney Versus Obama: Will Obama Be A Progressive?

Now that the Republicans appear to have a candidate I am all fired up to go out and campaign for Obama! –  (Oh sure).  I just cannot wait till Obama gets re-elected and we have four more years of compromising and undermining of every progressive value I hold dear! I voted for Obama because I believed he was going […]

GOP And Obama Ignore Jobs

I love Ed Schultz but I fear he is letting Obama get away with to much. I am tired of giving Obama an open pass. In the video clip below Ed Schultz correctly lambasts the Republicans for not supporting an increase in jobs. But as a Progressive SOCIAL Democrat I don’t see much action from […]

Rand Paul Tea Party Nazi Bullies Should Man Up

I was utterly disgusted by the actions of members of Rand Paul’s entourage when they knocked a frail young woman to the ground then a Rand Paul aide stomped her head with his foot on the concrete! The poor woman was a member of MoveOn.Org who was trying to present Rand Paul with certification from […]

Ed Schultz Doesn't Realize Why Base Is Mad

Below is a video featuring Ed Schultz. He is pushing for Democrats to come out and support Democrats in the House and Senate. I like Ed Schultz but he just does not get it. Why should progressives support candidates who don’t stand for “Change We Can Believe In”. Ok what can happen if the Republicans […]

Harry Reid Is Right About Obama

On Tuesday Ed Schultz went ballistic about Senator Harry Reid’s comments concerning President Barrack Obama not being forceful with the Republicans. <See video below>. Yes Ed Schultz is correct that Senator Reid should have been forceful himself long ago. None the less I am tired of playing “make believe” about Barrack Obama! I voted for Obama because […]