GOP Uses Obama’s Willingness To Compromise To Hurt Him

I just love  listening to Ed Schultz get all fired up about the Republicans accusing Obama of cutting Medicare to fund Obamacare. One point Ed Schultz doesn’t make is that Obama would never have laid himself open to this charge if he did not allow the Tea Party to change the main issue of our […]

Unemployment: The Wimp Gave Us A Wimpy Stimulus

Yet another month of wimpy job reports. The Republicans are having a field day. Sure the Republicans obstructed and George Bush gave Obama a burning house. That is not the issue! When people are hurting they expect their government to TAKE ACTION! I don’t care if Obama did not get one piece of legislation passed. […]

Barrack Obama Is The Best Republican Candidate

I took my title line from the “FrankFactor Podcast”. I could not agree with Frank more. Let me now repeat something I have said! Barrack Obama is not a Muslim Atheist Communist Euro-Secularist Kenyan devotee of Gay Sharia law or any other combination there of. No they have it all wrong! Barrack Obama is a […]

Why Progressives Should Not Underestimate Newt Gingrich

Among my fellow Progressives there is an undercurrent of glee now that Newt Gingrich has won the South Carolina primary. There are two reasons for this. First it means that the Republican circular firing squad will continue and provide more video clips for Democratic Party ads this fall!  The second reason is that many Democrats […]

Obstructionism On Steroids Vs Rogerian Facilitator Barrack Obama

This Sunday Senator Harry Reid stated on “Meet The Press” (video below) that President Obama has faced “obstructionism on steroids”! The senator then listed how the Republicans have gone out of their way to stop Obama and to undermine his presidency! Senator Reid is correct. Republicans are obstructionist. The problem is that Obama is trying […]

Obama’s Recess Appointment of Richard Cordray A Testosterone Epiphany?

Recently President Obama showed some evidence that he does have guts. Yes even I was impressed that he stood up to the Republicans and appointed Richard Cordray to be the director of the Consumer Protection Agency! The Republicans were attempting a de facto destruction of this newly created agency by not allowing anyone to be […]

Obama To Turn Up Attack On Congress – NYTimes

According to the NY Times President Obama is going to turn up the heat on Congress for stalling and stonewalling him! What a pathetic little wimp this president has turned out to be! Sure he took out Osama bin Laden but in his first year if he had taken his head out of Joe Lieberman’s ass […]

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Vs. Corpocrats

The Democratic Party now has to make up it’s mind! Do they want to continue to “play” progressive inside the money lined confines of the corporate sandbox or are they willing to stand up for values! Recently while driving with my some of my family who are Republicans we went under a bridge where a makeshift banner […]

We Cannot Wait For Obama To Act Like A Democrat

Obama may have upped his rhetoric but he is still a wimp! Just look at his so-called jobs plan! Instead of having a tax holiday on the Federal Income Tax he instead wants a tax holiday on the Social Security Tax. This is what Republicans love! It is called “starving the beast”! For conservatives Social […]

Progressives Arise And Take Back Our Party

The time has come for Progressives to say “ENOUGH”! We need a new viable political party that represents Progressives and is a pragmatic American adaption of Euro-Social Democratic Principles! Does Obama really represent “Change We Can Believe In”? – HELL NO! However the issue is not simply Obama! We need Progressives to be as aggressive  […]

Democrats Need Testosterone To Break From Corporations

Fox News today ran an article attacking Democrats for backing the civil service unions. They gleefully cite a poll that says most Americans don’t believe civil service workers should be allowed to have unions. Democrats Need To Learn From Republicans Oh dear while we Democrats want to defend the middle class we wouldn’t want to […]

Do Progressives Have A Political Party?

As a Liberal and Progressive Social Democrat I am fed up with Obama and the bulk of the Democratic Party! It seems the only function we Progressives have in Obama’s worldview is to “purchase” him credibility with some right leaning centrists by his attacks on us and the base that got him elected! “See I […]

Obama's Idealism: Presidential Asset Or Liability

I understand where President Obama is coming from! I just wish he would recognize he is facing Republicans not fellow Democrats. This is not “silly season in politics” when right wingers, in their arrogance of self entitlement, talk about second amendment solutions! Nor when the Texas Governor hints at secession! But then again we had […]