Please Bernie Sanders The Image Of Social Democrats Is At Stake

Senator Bernie Sanders has waged a glorious campaign against Hillary Clinton. I believe he must continue to keep his organization intact to keep watch over Hillary Clinton when she defeats Donald Trump in the fall. But super-delegates must never overrule the will of the people. I propose two solutions for Bernie Sanders in this post! […]

Petition Hillary Clinton To Refuse Soros 8 Million To Stop Bernie Sanders

I just gave $50.00 to Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign. I am not a rich person. I am ENRAGED that Hillary Clinton is going to get a 8 Million dollar donation from George Soros to fight Bernie Sanders. SO HILLARY IS THIS “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN”? Dear Reader if you believe as I do that: […]

Ready For Bernie Sanders: Run Bernie Run

I watched the pathetic video clip of Hillary Clinton announcing her candidacy. i have deliberately restrained myself from commenting till now as I hoped to see something definitive from her.  She says she is going to run for middle class families. Question dear fellow Progressive: Are we Progressives so enamored by glitter objects made of […]

House Votes 50th Time To Repeal ObamaCare

Yes they did it yet again. The Republican controlled House of Representatives has voted for the 5oth time to repeal ObamaCare knowing that it will not pass the Senate and certainly not be signed by President Obama! But why you ask? Because as much as I hate to admit it the Republicans have TESTOSTERONE while […]

Ed Schultz Does Not Realize Obama Is A Republican Enabler

Barrack Obama has been a Republican enabler from day one but poor Ed Schultz just cannot accept that. I seem to pick on poor Ed Schulz but that is because I like him. He seems to realize that Obama is not standing up fully for Progressive values but like most Democrats has to much invested […]

Ed Schultz: “Please President Obama Stop Being A Wimp”

Congressperson Darrell Issa is mounting a crusade of hearings against Obama Care. Both Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz correctly attack Issa for doing this. Fine I agree with both Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz. But my point is that where was Barrack Obama when Progressives wanted to push for an in depth Congressional and even […]

Obama’s Recess Appointment of Richard Cordray A Testosterone Epiphany?

Recently President Obama showed some evidence that he does have guts. Yes even I was impressed that he stood up to the Republicans and appointed Richard Cordray to be the director of the Consumer Protection Agency! The Republicans were attempting a de facto destruction of this newly created agency by not allowing anyone to be […]

Obama Citing Teddy Roosevelt: Why Not Years Ago?

In a recent speech President Obama, citing Teddy Roosevelt, criticized  “those who want to fix our current problem and play the same old tune”. Nice I agree but why wasn’t he saying this two and one half years ago? As Dylan Ratigan mentions in the clip below, why didn’t he unleash Eric Holder, his Attorney […]

Elizabeth Warren: Why Conservatives Hate Her

I was pleased to hear that Elizabeth Warren is going to run for Senator from Massachusetts. I wish Obama had the guts to appoint her as Consumer Secretary but then again what would you expect from Barrack Obama? He would not want to make the Republicans angry at him. The Republicans hate her guts because […]

Usury And The Serfing Of The Middle Class

The stock market makes money, when they are not gambling in hedge funds, by corporations producing goods and services! These must be purchased by consumers! The combined total energy of the economy to meet a need is called it’s “aggregate demand”. Since the consumer has has not purchased enough we have the government stimulus package. Sufficient aggregate demand is what […]

Why Not Elizabeth Warren As Consumer Czar

I am glad that President Obama is going to push for Elizabeth Warren to set up the new Consumer protection Agency. My question is why doesn’t he just appoint her to head the new agency? I know many will think this is part of some grand strategy to get Republicans to accept her for a […]