Obama or Romney: Who Can Bring Out Their Base?

As a progressive I am afraid the 2012 election is going to be about “damage control” rather than advancing the progressive agenda. By now, if you were to believe my conservative co-workers, Barrack Obama should have turned this nation hard left! I should be toasting our new and ever glorious euro-socialist motherland! President Franklin Delano […]

Obama’s Strategy: Create A Contrast?

Well Mr. President I have a “contrast” to deal with also. That is to say your pathetic wimpy advocacy of the Progressive Agenda “in contrast” with your lauded goal of “Change We Can Believe In“. I refuse to join your pathetic chorus of die hards who simply cannot accept the realization that Barack Obama is […]

MoveOn.Org Needs To Turn The Page On Obama

I am a member of MoveOn.Org and believe in the Progressive Agenda for America. However I strongly disagree with MoveOn.Org in their attempt to support non-progressive Democrats in the fall election. I will not vote to re-elect my Democratic Congressman as he did not support the public option nor the watered down Health Care Reform Law. […]