Bernie Sanders Victim Of Pro-Conservative News Media Biases

I am fed up with the unchallenged belief in this society that the news media is biased in support of ¬†liberals. Conservatives such as the walking think tank, Sarah Palin have accused the news media of asking “gotcha¬†questions.” Sarah Palin was asked such sinister questions as: Did she support the “Bush Doctrine” that sent us […]

Fox Goes Nuts That Obama Shook Hands With Castro

Recently at Nelson Mandela’s funeral President Obama shook hands with a line of dignitaries on stage. One of whom was Cuban President Raul Castro. Naturally the right wing went ballistic! To counter their attack I just love to use right wing rhetoric but with a leftward spin! Yes my rhetoric is hot but you will […]

Fox News Supports Anti-Straight And Anti-Family Values

Fox News interviewed and supported a guest on their show “Fox And Friends” who is against “Family Values”. If you watch the video and read the article in the link provided above they argue two points: Obama Care is going to cause a shortage of doctors because more people will now be seeking health care […]

FoxNews Media Biases Against Occupy Wall Street

This nation had to endure the endless self righteousness of the Tea Party and their “twin enablers”! Those twin enablers being: Republicans and their fellow travelers at FoxNews! Testosterone challenged Barrack Obama who allowed this Tea Party cancer to redirect the definition of America’s job crisis from one stimulus to how much and how fast […]