Go Bernie Go: We Need A Third Party – The Struggle Continues

Bernie Sanders has just announced the war is not over – the struggle continues!  I agree, and I hope Bernie Sanders leads us out of the corporate controlled Democratic Party. We need the birth of the SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY. This fight is more than just defeating Donald Trump. We need to take our nation and […]

Obama On Social Security: How To Celebrate Your Inner Wimp

Many Progressives got excited when Obama suddenly took to fighting the NRA and calling for a vote on background checks. This progressive blogger did not get excited. When the polls are so overwhelmingly for gun control then Obama gets the courage to talk up. President Obama spoke about “taking off your bedroom slippers and putting on […]

Ed Schultz Joins Obama In The Celebration Of The Testosterone Free LifeStyle

Good God will Ed Schultz finally realize that Barrack Obama is nothing more than a  wimpy corporatist shrill who will not campaign in Wisconsin for Walker’s recall? Hell I do NOT  want to see Obama’s birth certificate! Rather I want to see Obama’s Democratic Party registration papers. How can Barrack Obama be from the same party […]

Jon Stewart Attacks #Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street Patriots are spilling their blood to save America from the banksters that destroyed our economy. It is bad enough that FoxNews distorts their message but does Jon Stewart have to add his voice just to make a buck and for a cheap laugh? While the Tea Party crowd shows up to […]

We Cannot Wait For Obama To Act Like A Democrat

Obama may have upped his rhetoric but he is still a wimp! Just look at his so-called jobs plan! Instead of having a tax holiday on the Federal Income Tax he instead wants a tax holiday on the Social Security Tax. This is what Republicans love! It is called “starving the beast”! For conservatives Social […]

American Jobs Act And The Longevity Gains Tax

President Franklin D Roosevelt said that “necessitous men are not free men“!  That is why even those that have a job today are not “free men”. Because the specter of unemployment is constantly in front us! This puts management in the driver’s seat while the Republicans whine ever onward about “Freedom”! Make no mistake about […]

Republicans Want A “Longevity Gains Tax”

In their never ending War on the Middle Class, the Republicans want to steal the golden years of the Silent Majority to comfort the comfortable in the top 1%! Because they correctly perceive that Barrack Obama is a wimp and they don’t want to see an increase in the Progressive Income Tax, Inheritance Tax or […]

Did Obama Use Birthers To Waterloo Republicans?

With the publication of President Obama’s long form birth certificate and the recent Republican attacks on Medicare one would almost imagine Barrack Obama might be: A grand strategist pushing the Republicans into a “Waterloo” situation. A wimp who just fell into good fortune. A smart wimp who did push the Republicans into a “Waterloo” situation […]