Stop Making War On The American Government

We are witnessing today a war on the American government by those forces who side with the subjugation of individual freedom to the service of the corporate collective! President Barack Obama has chosen to be a Carl Rogers style facilitator rather than to mount the presidential bully pulpit to defend progressive values. President Obama made two […]

Ed Schultz Wants Us To Push Obama To Act Like A Democrat – WTF

Recently poor Ed Schultz started his show with a report on the “Trans Pacific Partnership” or “TPP“. In the video below Ed Schultz does an excellent job on the dangers of TPP. He calls it “NAFTA on steroids“. He then wonders why Barrack Obama would be supporting such a bill and urges us to educate […]

Do Progressives Have A Political Party?

As a Liberal and Progressive Social Democrat I am fed up with Obama and the bulk of the Democratic Party! It seems the only function we Progressives have in Obama’s worldview is to “purchase” him credibility with some right leaning centrists by his attacks on us and the base that got him elected! “See I […]

China: Mecca For Cut And Run Capitalists

Freedom For Our Social Betters And The Oil Spill

Ronald Reagan spoke movingly about the “Shining City On The Hill”. The problem is he doesn’t mention that city is only for the top 2% while the American Middle Class lives in the valley below! The current oil crises is a perfect example! In the video below one of the oil workers is afraid because […]

Time To End Outrageous CEO Compensation

I am fed up with hearing this krap about our social betters taking risks and hence “deserving” such ridiculous rates of compensation. No I am not against people saving and investing to latter become millionaires! I am talking about the parasites of our society who never earned their millions but inherited millions or who earn […]

Chinese Sea Challenge: What About The Cut And Run Capitalists

China has challenged us at sea! She has harrassed our naval ship, USNS Impeccable! Last year she shot a laser  beam at one of our satellite and temporarily blinded it. I am a Non-PC Liberal. I expected this. Now we have to wonder if the “CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS” who cared more for free trade […]


This nation has paid over $150 Billion just to AIG. Instead of worrying about this insurance giant and their stockholder’s  “SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT” what about the SILENT MAJORITY of America who could benefit instead from this bail-out money being spent on Universal Health Care! AIG is the company that did not ship high tech jobs overseas […]

Senator Clinton – How Do You Stand On Free Trade And The Loss Of American Jobs?

I can never understand the violent hatred that Senator Hillary Clinton arouses in some conservatives. Hell I would barely call her a liberal. As you know she has declared herself a candidate. For those of you who don’t remember when her hubby was President, we had a thing back then called a “budget surplus”! Now […]