Let’s All Get Worked Up For Hillary Clinton The Princess From Goldman Sachs

We Progressives must now take stock ourselves. Are we going to vote from our fears and live forever in a nation that values our social betters over our values? I am fed up with American jobs being off shored while the wimp we have for president talks about fighting it with TPP. Hillary Clinton says […]

Bill Maher: Re-elect Obama Because He Is Black

As a social democrat I just cannot wait till Barrack Obama gets re-elected so we can cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and continue Barrack Obama’s testosterone challenged response to the Tea Party driven GOP! Bill Maher seems to feel that if we do not re-elect Barrack Obama then it would mean that Blacks are not […]

The Audacity Of Impotence – Charge Of The Castrati Brigade

Barrack Obama cared more about the support of Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson then the progressive base that elected him. The Democrats could really show up the Republicans now by forcing a vote on the Middle Class Tax Cut but all we hear is their pathetic “MEOW”! Now we are supposed to save him and Harry Reid. […]

Obama Sinks As He Alienates Base

President Barrack Obama on his never ending quest to destroy the mandate given to him by the silent majority just doesn’t seem to get it! His polls are down so low you would have to borrow a BP Gulf Robotic Submarine to go lower and then even then you may not reach that low! All […]