Acorn Rejected But Not Halliburton

Frankly I am tired of these stories by Fox News concerning Acorn. I make no judgement one way or the other let the chips for where they may. My concern is why the same standard is not applied to Halliburton. After all it was a Halliburton subsidiary that has caused the deaths of many American […]

Cut And Run Capitalists Killing Our Troops

Cut And Run Capitalists
Killing Our Troops Once
again in this era of
licentious permissiveness
where the BLEEDING
HEARTS of the Republican
Party whine about how
Corporate Wealthy are so
overburdened by
regulations that they have
driven our economy to the
ground! Now apparently
they have used OUR
SOLDIERS to ground their
profits by installing faulty
electric equipment in our
military bases in Iraq! One
of Halliburton’s
subsidiary fellow travelers,
a company called “KBR” has
now been blamed for the
death of Staff Sgt. Ryan
Maseth. He died from
electrocution due to faulty
electrical workmanship
while taking a shower! He
is not the first. <----- Electricution video What we are seeing my friends