Medical Malpractice Deaths Soar: Tort Reform Anyone?

CNN stated in a recent article that 250,000 Americans are dying every year from hospital mistakes. Yet our Health Care Reform President Barrack Obama wants to make compromises on tort reform! My dad was a victim of medical malpractice and it cost him his life. We need more regulations not less. Law And Order Regulations […]

Obama's Secret Plan To Rescue The Public Option

Many of us are very dis-enchanted with the current situation concerning Health Care Reform and the lack of the Public Option! I am happy to report we have an EXCLUSIVE speech by President Barrack Obama to rescue the Public Option! Finally “Change We Can Believe In”. Amazing isn’t it that after one year we Democrats […]

Separation Of Corporation And State

When is the American middle class going to wake up and demand the separation of corporation and state! We must address this issue before the health care issue. The problems passing real health care reform are mere symptoms of the underlying disease that is infecting the “decision making processes” of our society! That disease is […]