Obama Citing Teddy Roosevelt: Why Not Years Ago?

In a recent speech President Obama, citing Teddy Roosevelt, criticized  “those who want to fix our current problem and play the same old tune”. Nice I agree but why wasn’t he saying this two and one half years ago? As Dylan Ratigan mentions in the clip below, why didn’t he unleash Eric Holder, his Attorney […]

Corporate Person Fox News Makes Ron Paul A Non-Person

I have decided to REVERSE my position here on Ron Paul. Thus I have rewritten this post!   Originally I wrote a supportive post concerning him that was touched off by the video clip below from the Jon Stewart Show. It seems Ron Paul is being the subject of discrimination by not only the regular […]

Stop Excusing Obama For Betraying The Base

As a Progressive I am fed up with Barrack Obama. President Obama is going to support an extension of the Bush Tax Cuts to the rich when we should be going back to the days of Dwight Eisenhower when we had a progressive income tax of 91%. The right wing was screaming that Barrack Obama was […]

More Progressives See Obama As A Loser

For the sake of “Change We Can Believe In” the Democratic Party must tell Barrack Obama to go and take a walk in 2012! At this point I don’t give a krap about the way Republicans are acting. I expect that. The issue is the weak pathetic response by our President and the Democratic Party […]

Howard Dean And Denis Kucinich Point To Obama

The time is now coming when Democrats and Progressives are just getting tired of President Obama and his Audacity of Impotence! This is not the “Change We Can Believe In” that drew us to the polls! Recently on two separate Talk Shows both Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich stated that Obama had better wake up […]

Rand Paul Tea Party Nazi Bullies Should Man Up

I was utterly disgusted by the actions of members of Rand Paul’s entourage when they knocked a frail young woman to the ground then a Rand Paul aide stomped her head with his foot on the concrete! The poor woman was a member of MoveOn.Org who was trying to present Rand Paul with certification from […]

Bernie Sanders Or Howard Dean In 2012

The time has come for “Change We Can Believe In”! President Obama has the audacity to attack the base that elected him when he spent the last 18 months kissing Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln’s butts! So how is that working out for you Mr. President? Joe Lieberman even campaigned against Obama in the […]

Howard Dean For White House Chief Of Staff

President Obama  needs some better advice. How about Howard Dean as the new White House Chief of Staff? President Obama seems to be doing some White House cleaning. His economic team is changing and none to soon. I could not agree more with the woman who addressed President Obama at a recent town hall meeting. […]

Obama's Approval Rating: Can An Ostrich Fly?

When will Obama learn that bi-partisanship is nonsense! President Obama’s approval rating is dropping like a stone in water. What happened to that great orator we elected? The way the Republicans where whining when Barrack Obama was elected I thought by now the Republicans would be slitting their wrists in our new Socialist Motherland! But […]

Starter House But Insurance Cartel Owns The Mortgage

This bill is to weak and requires audacity to hope that rates will not skyrocket due to insurance company greed. I am afraid I cannot go along with Senator Harkins analogy that the Senate Bill is a “starter house not a mansion but we have to start somewhere!” I must number myself among the “Democrats […]

Six Reasons For Progressives To Kill The Bill

Before I present list I would suggest you listen to this “prediction” from The Frank Factor, a liberal progressive internet show/podcast that aired last February. His prediction about being nice to Republicans and how Democrats compromising to death is true! See video box below. When are some Democrats going to learn that being “nice” does […]

Conservative News Media Biases Update

In this era where Conservatives whine and wail at every possible slight by the national news media no one is asking: Why is there an almost complete blackout on the anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination? Oh these crock’s of the right wing who love to play “professional victim”, ranting and moaning that the news media […]