Obama Discovers The Income Gap

President Obama appears to have read the “tea leaves” and the oracle points to the “Occupy Wall Street Movement” rather than further appeasement of the Tea Party! Amazing the GOP accused him recently of being an appeaser! Obama’s correct response was to tell his accusers to ask Bin Laden and the other terrorists who have […]

Republican Goal: To Build A Nation Of Necessitous Citizens

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said that “necessitous men are not free men”! FDR wanted a “Second Bill of Rights” added to our Constitution that would guarantee gainful employment, health care, protection in old age and the right to a college education. The author of the short video below does an excellent job illustrating how our […]

Work Longer And Delay Retirement To Support The Rich

It is bad enough that the Republicans want to destroy social security but now the commission appointed by President Obama wants to raise the retirement age, cut Social Security cost of living increases, cut Medicare and make college student pay more for student loans. Then again you have to wonder why college kids should have […]

Health Care: Advancing A Progressive Middle Class Agenda

Once again the Republicans and their fellow travelers are attempting to destroy the economic security of the American Middle Class by attacking our President! Just look at how they spin the term “freedom”! They whine and wail that “our children will not be able to pay off this “terrible burden” that Universal Health Care will […]