Putin Takes A Gamble: How Will It Play With The Arab Spring And Street?

I think our nation should stay out of Syria as there is no one to back. It is ISIS vs. Assad vs. so-called moderates. But I recall that when ISIS was beheading Amerian and European captives ISIS did not capture them. Instead, they were purchased by ISIS from the so-called moderates. But regardless why this […]

Where To Put Refugees Fleeing ISIS: George Bush’s Texas Estate

I find it despicable that Republicans and Conservatives want a new war while they caused the tragedy in Iraq and Syria. Germany is set to take refugees from ISIS why isn’t the United States? After all the right wingers are crying crocodile tears for them? President Obama announced we would be taking in a mere […]

ISIS Close To Baghdad And Kobani

ISIS is closing in on Baghdad with their dream of restoring the Caliphate. Shiite Iran will not allow this to happen. However the claim by ISIS leader to be the new Caliph is even heresy to Sunni Muslims. So where are the Muslim armies lining up to stop all this from occurring? Not to mention […]

Don’t Let ISIS Behead Our Economy

I just love how all the right wingers are set to jump into Iraq again. When questioning many of them I find they are not even aware of the differences between the former Iraqi Government and Iran! In the science fiction movie and tv series “Star Trek” the United Federation of Planets is governed by […]