John Boehner Wants To Know Who Is Going To Jail?

Again this progressive wishes  John Boehner were a Democrat! I oppose everything John Boehner believes in but I admire his guts and determination! He wants jail time for the those involved in the IRS scandal while at the same time he is preparing to push for a repeal of Obama Care for the 37th time! […]

Imagine If John Boehner Were A Democrat And Pelosi A Republican?

John Boehner is ready again to shut down the Government if the GOP does not get it’s way on the national debt. Now here is a fantasy of mine! Imagine if John Boehner was a Democrat and Nancy Pelosi was a Republican! Let’s remember that Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House two years before […]

Boehner’s Speech: We Need “Longevity Gains Tax”

John Boehner several years ago gave out campaign contributions to his fellow travelers from the Tobacco industry! Boehner did this on the floor of the House while the House was in the process of voting for the Tobacco industry subsidy. This from the man who talks about “Cut, Cap and Balance“! While millions of Americans […]

Obama’s State Of The Union Address

For many of us Liberals and Progressives we were fearful that President Obama was going to continue to turn rightward and predictions were made that he would actually join with Republicans to undermine Social Security. We were pleasantly surprised that those predictions were wrong. In general his speech had a Progressive thrust BUT as a […]

Rachel Maddow Says Fight But Is Pelosi A Figher?

Should Democrats act more like Republicans? Is that the lesson of the recent election? Well let’s answer that with “Boehner speak”! “Hell NO!” With that logic in 2006 the Republicans should have just rolled over since Democrats took the House. In 2008 we had possession not only of the House but the Senate by a whopping […]

The Congressional Majority: Use it Or Loose It

So we lost the House Of Representatives! From the way future House Speaker John Boehner is talking you would imagine that Republicans have a “mandate”. Not so fast tan man. I suppose that Nancy Pelosi had a similar mandate to shut the government down to end the War in Iraq after the 2006 Election? We should […]

Senate Holds Prayer Vigil To Block Republican Tsunami

In the ancient days of Rome the Senate would pray at the Temple of Janis. Today the entire Democratic Party members of Congress where lead by President Barrack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi (The Troika of Impotence) as they worshiped at the Temple Of Joe Lieberman’s Ass located on Washington DC’s K-Street! President Barrack […]

MoveOn.Org Needs To Turn The Page On Obama

I am a member of MoveOn.Org and believe in the Progressive Agenda for America. However I strongly disagree with MoveOn.Org in their attempt to support non-progressive Democrats in the fall election. I will not vote to re-elect my Democratic Congressman as he did not support the public option nor the watered down Health Care Reform Law. […]

Nancy Pelosi Talks About Plutocracy

Nancy Pelosi just does not get it! Because of her wimpy behavior in fighting the Republicans our nation is now in the hands of the Economic Royalists that FDR warned us about years ago! Below is a clip of her recent interview on “Countdown With Keith Olbermann “. She talks about nobly defending the Middle Class against […]

Sharron Angle, Sharia Law And Harry Reid Finds Testosterone

First we had Newt Gingrich try to apply his perverted use of N.L.P. techniques to scare Americans about Sharia Law being established in America. Now we have Sharron Angle who is running against Harry Reid in Nevada doing the same thing. Apparently “Newt” Gingrich, who thinks Barrack Obama has a funny name, is mad as […]

Obama Whining To Base: Stop Enthusiasm Gap

President Obama is blaming the Progressive base for the enthusiasm gap! Obama has said that “it is irresponsible for Progressives to sit on the side lines”! Well Mr. President maybe if you took your head out of Senators Joe Lieberman’s and Olympia Snows a*s (censored by Google rank algorithm) then maybe the base would have […]

Republican Leader John Boehner Spins On "Meet The Press"

Today I watched Republican House minority leader John Boehner do a full court press spin on “Meet The Press’. He blamed the Democrats for not being able to lead the nation by pointing out the problems that Obama had with blue dog Democrats. What the host failed to press Rep. John Boehner on was that […]