Wars Done: You’ve Got Record Opium!

Senator John McCain continues to preach for a continuation of the vast costly right wing social engineering experiment in Afghanistan. Today on “Meet The Press” he outlined Republican talking points concerning the war and American foreign policy! Senator McCain just does not get it! Maybe he had a consultation before going on the air with […]

Obama's Speech Is A Start But Not Aggressive Enough

Frankly I am feed up with Democrats being so airy faery when it comes to taking on Republicans. Can you imagine that the Republicans were actually stealing the issue of being middle class defenders against big corporations and Wall Street?

Bill O'Reilly And FoxNews SPIN Steve Schmidt Statements

While we already are aware about Sarah Palin’s lack of basic geography, I would like to add how Fox News distorted Steve Schmidt’s interview on “60 Minutes“!  Bill O’Reilly created a FULL SPIN ZONE in his “Talking Points Memo” on Monday when he said that McCain Adviser Steve Schmidt stated that Sarah Palin made the […]

McCain And Republicans Play The Same Old Game

John McCain and his fellow travelers in the Republican Party are laying out their strategy for the next Congressional and Presidential Elections. Because George Bush and McCain forced our economy to bear the burden of their vast WILD EYED SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT in Iraq, President Barrack Obama must now spend vast amounts of money to […]