Fat Boy Chris Christie Doesn’t Vaporize Advocating Longevity Gains Tax

I find it disgusting that fat boy Chris Christie can talk about extending the age for Americans to receive social security and medicare benefits that we have paid into all our lives while our social betters have this sense of entitlement that we should not increase the  capital gains tax nor return to the Eisenhower […]

American Jobs Act And The Longevity Gains Tax

President Franklin D Roosevelt said that “necessitous men are not free men“!  That is why even those that have a job today are not “free men”. Because the specter of unemployment is constantly in front us! This puts management in the driver’s seat while the Republicans whine ever onward about “Freedom”! Make no mistake about […]

Republicans Want A “Longevity Gains Tax”

In their never ending War on the Middle Class, the Republicans want to steal the golden years of the Silent Majority to comfort the comfortable in the top 1%! Because they correctly perceive that Barrack Obama is a wimp and they don’t want to see an increase in the Progressive Income Tax, Inheritance Tax or […]

Go Bernie Go

Senator Bernie Sanders has given a rousing call to action to defend our nation and the “freedom of the individual” in this epic struggle against the vile forces of corporate collectivism and the subservience of the democratic political institutions of our nation to the forces of Organized Money! The question is why isn’t our beloved […]