We Need Gun Control NOW

President Trump and his pals at the NRA want to delay discussing gun control. The right-wing whines that we are politicizing this event. They whine that this should be a period of prayer. Naturally, if the perpetrator was a Muslim they would have no problem calling for action. They use the perverse argument that you can […]

Right Wing NRA Has New Friend – Al Qaeda

Al Quaeda just loves right-wing Americans. Remember how right-wingers went ballistic (sorry bad choice of words) concerning Obama? Birther Donny Trump claimed Obama was not one of us. He hired his own intelligence operatives and sent them to Hawaii to look up Obama’s past.  According to Birther Donny Trump in his own words: “You would not believe what they […]

Thank You Ammo-Sexuals For The Los Vegas Shooting: How Many More Must Die?

Just imagine if these ammo-sexuals got their way in Congress to permit silencers? Police would not be able to track down the killer(s). The Los Vegas shooting would have been even worse. When will this nation stand up to these clowns? Yes, I could agree to have a registered gun inside your home if you are […]