Obama Gets Testosterone – I Wish!

Sorry to disappoint my fellow Progressives but Obama’s recent stronger rhetoric covers up a compromise that is unacceptable. Read this article it is very important that you understand this when you discuss Obama with friends! Obama is not acting stronger!  The problem is you did not listen closely to Obama’s speech and your covert desire […]

American Jobs Act: Financed By Pulling The Plug On Grandma

As a Progressive Social Democrat I will give President Obama some kudos for upping his rhetorical style in the defense of job creation. However the jobs he wants to create will be financed, in part by pulling the plug on Grandma’s Medicare! I listened to Senator Bernie Sanders after Obama’s speech on “Count Down With […]

Republicans Holding America Hostage

This Progressive has once again had his opinion of President Obama reinforced. President Obama is a God damned wimp who lacks the guts to stand up to the Republicans. Rachel Maddow recently outlined the Republican strategy which you can view in the video below. Basically Rachel Maddow believes the GOP has been cornered by their […]

Republicans “Outed”: Throw Grand Ma Over The Cliff

Remember when the Republicans and their fellow travellers in the Tea Party where whining about “Death Panels”? Gosh I haven’t seen any, have you? The GOP may have met their Waterloo but the question is do Democrats have a thirst for red meat when they see it? This Progressive Social Democratic blogger wants to go […]